I’m a nerd. Self-proclaimed and proclaimed by my husband. I love a good book like I love a glass of wine…maybe even more. I have a circle of friends with whom I talk and share books and am always interested in finding new “highly recommended” books. My favorite author is John Irving. Jane Austen is a close second, but Irving is just amazing.

I’ve considered starting a book club and still might—be it locally or long distance. I know, how would someone participate in a book club long distance? My thought is that rather than meet up and discuss, I would form a group of readers (hopefully with similar taste) and we would pass our books along to one another (signing our name in the book after we’ve read it). We could also slip notes in the book (perhaps with our favorite part of the book or interesting observations) for the next reader to look at after they’ve finished the book and compare it to their thoughts about the book. The book would ultimately return to the person who purchased it with all the notes/feedback. Who’s interested?! (P.S. – Mom, you’re already on my list).

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A Few Favorites

Cutting for Stone
The Historian
The Cider House Rules
A Widow for One Year
The Fountainhead
The Thirteenth Tale
The World According to Garp
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Book Thief
Dogs of Babel
Snowflower and the Secret Fan
The Glass Castle
Jane Eyre
The Bell Jar
Water for Elephants
The Edible Woman
Bringing Down the House


16 responses to “READ

  1. I’d be interested… if anyone’s up for mailing to Japan. Paperbacks maybe? 😀

  2. I’d be totally up for this! What a great idea!

  3. LOVE A Widow For One Year, Middlesex, The Bell Jar and Glass Castle. Did you ever read Jesus Land? Similar to Glass Castle but possibly even better. Please get ahold of it if you haven’t yet!

    Water for Elephants was good but I didn’t love it the way some other people do. Snowflower and the Secret Fan was amazing though!

  4. I love irving, rand and plath! great list!

  5. i’ve read about half of the ones you’ve mentioned but several of my favorite books are on there!

    i would love to do a long-distance book club…e-mail me if you ever want to get it going

  6. This list of books includes a lot of my favorites as well! I just started a blog myself, and I have a page devoted to book reviews. I just reviewed Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer, that, given your food philosophy, you might enjoy reading. I am not vegetarian either, but he makes some good points about the meat industry.

    • Katie – thanks for stopping by! Yes, I actually went to Jonathan Safron Foer’s book reading/talk about Eating Animals. He was an amazing speaker and I definitely want to read that book. It’s on my ever-growing “to read” list. 🙂 Happy blogging.

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  8. The Glass Castle is one of my favorites! I hear that Jeanette Walls has a second book out. Have you read it or heard anything about it?

  9. Jeanette Walls second book is Half Broke Horses. It’s about her grandmothers life mostly. If you liked Glass Castle, you’ll like this one as well.

  10. If by Bringing Down the House you mean the wonderful book by Ben Mezrich your choices are amazing. I am a total book freak that is trying to learn how to run in time for my half marathon and just found your blog.
    You are extremely inspiring and yeah that book is beyond awesome.

  11. Oh God – you read really great high-quality books….I do like those…but I’m a sucker for chick-lit and stuff…must get into the “Real” stuff though.

  12. I would love to join a book club! I love reading and I live in NYC!

  13. I’m in!!!!!!! If you decide to do this long distance I would love to be a part of it! You know what a nerd I am! It may also be great to have a book to read while I am up all hours of the day and night feeding baby wilson! I have learned that it takes like an hour so having a good book on hand may help to pass the time :).

  14. The Bell Jar, The Glass Castle, Middlesex…all on my list of favorites too!

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