The Thanksgiving Aftermath

Let me start with an apology – I have been a bad blogger. I’m not even going to offer up any lame excuses. I’ve been bad and I fully admit it. You’re not going to like my Thanksgiving recap because I didn’t take ANY food pics.

I know – the shame!! The guilt!! My hubby’s family doesn’t really know too much about my whole blogging “thing” yet, and I didn’t feel like Thanksgiving was the best time to spring it on them, so I felt totally weird snapping away like I normally would.

Have you encountered situations where you’ve kept the camera hidden away – if so, when?

My apologies in advance for this lame-o post. I PROMISE to do better at Christmas. I can tell you that I tried every dish at Thanksgiving dinner and several of the desserts. My homemade apple sauce went over well too!

So here are a few pics from the day, but please don’t be expecting to see any food. Sorry!!

Bill holding his nephew’s (yes, nephew) new baby – Kevin III. Three weeks old. What a little peanut!

Me and Bill’s nephew, Freddy. I mean technically, all of Bill’s nieces and nephews are mine now too!! I always forget that and refer to them as “his.” I’m an only child, so the idea of nieces and nephews is new to me.

And then just so this post isn’t totally foodless – I’ll put in a Saturday morning breakfast recap. I know – I’m such a bad blogger! No food recap for Thursday or Friday – I totally went off the grid. 😉

Here is the morning’s breakfast of oatmeal, a little milk, raisins, 1 tsp. of maple syrup and some kashi cereal:

Then before my mom and I headed out to do something Christmas shopping, I spotted some leftover banana pudding in the fridge. I seriously don’t know how there were leftovers of this. I had a small helping to fuel my shopping.

Shopping was a success! I managed to handle the crowds and get a bunch of presents checked off my list. Now I’m going to eat a light lunch and relax for a bit before I head up to Saratoga for dinner and drinks with some good friends.  

Tomorrow will be a better post – I promise! I’ll have more food photos AND I’ll give a full recap of the Turkey Trot – it was CRAZY!

So please don’t hate me blog world for delivering a sub-par Thanksgiving recap. I promise I’ll make it up to you!


4 responses to “The Thanksgiving Aftermath

  1. We turkey trotted, too. Twice, actually…yay! For trots!

  2. I’ve been an even worse blogger. I haven’t blogged since Wednesday!

    But I hear ya on the not taking pictures cause its just too hard to explain. My dad is lucky if he can get an email out let alone understand a blog. LOL

  3. No worries about the lack of photos! There have been numerous times where I’ve winced about taking photos of food in public, I always have my “I write about food” excuse at hand in case I’m ever questioned by someone.

    Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving surrounded by loved one and lots of food, though!

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