So Hungover it Hurts

Happy Friday! That was such a fake exclamation point by the way. I want to feel that happy, but I am so hungover I can’t think. I made it to work – okay maybe I was a half hour late and maybe I do sort of look inhuman, but hey, I’m here in body, if not totally in mind.

So this post is going to be really quick and to the point. Starting with yesterday’s eats:

Breakfast was Kashi Heart to Heart and light cranberry juice.

Lunch was not well thought-out, I’ve been too frazzled this week. I grabbed a salad.

Later on I had a Larabar for a snack and was not too impressed with this flavor.

Ginger Snap goes on my “do not buy again” list. Bleck.

So here’s where the trouble begins. Yesterday was really busy and so I didn’t snack very much. That’s literally all I had to eat. And then we went to our company holiday party. However, before we went to the party we stopped and had a drink.

Ok – one drink no problem. Then we headed to the party and had some food (thank goodness).

That’s my co-worker Tiffany and I.

This work holiday party was crazy. Just look at the dance floor – doesn’t it remind you of a high school dance?

I probably should have had more food, but I really didn’t think I’d be out drinking much or late. I did have some yummy desserts though.

After the holiday party a few people went out for more drinks and I went with them. Not smart. I’m a lightweight as is and it was just way too much for me.

I think I got home a little after midnight and getting up this morning was horrendous. I have an important project I need to work on and I feel really terrible. Dear God, please make this day go by fast and help me feel better soon.

Note to self: Never drinking during the week again.


7 responses to “So Hungover it Hurts

  1. Lots of water!!! And carbs 🙂 At least that’s what helps me when I’m hungover. Pasta and water.

    Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with your project!

  2. Ugh. So sorry you feel crappy, just keep hydrating and get some good eats in you!

    Oh and I am not a fan of those Ginger Snap Larabars either, I had one early in the morning one time and it did not go over well….. blech.

    Looks like you had a fun work Holiday party though! When I was in NYC my brother had his office party, he was suppose to meet us for breakfast the next day….. but didn’t. He was a tad hungover and couldn’t make it. LOL

  3. I agree with Janna, carbs and water! Good luck, it’s almost the weekend!!

  4. Oh boy…I’ve been there before! Being hungover at work is never fun. Your holiday party looked a lot more fun than mine did though!

  5. Gee LInds–I was going to suggest we go tie one on this weekend! Ha Ha! Hope you made it through the day. I have been there more than a couple time (pre-child of course). See you later today!

    • God no! No alcohol for me for a while. But how appropriate – Bill brought up the movie “The Hangover” so we can watch it tonight after Carolyn goes to bed. I’m feeling much better today.

      We made it up without a problem (and yes, I slept a lot of the way), but I guess NYC is getting hit with a huge snowstorm today. See you soon!

  6. Aww, Lindsey! Sorry to hear about the hangover. I’ve definitely been there and it blows. Being hungover is no fun on any day, but a work day? Yikes!

    Those holiday treats at the party do look amazing, though!

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