Lots of Updates!

Happy Thursday – we are almost at the weekend! I definitely need a break. I’ve been exhausted this week and super busy. My morning run did not happen today, so it’s off to the gym for me tonight.

Updates! Updates!
Before I recap yesterday’s eats, I wanted to point out a few updates on my blog. First, there is a new section on the top navigation bar called “Reviews.” This section will be for book reviews, product reviews, restaurant reviews and anything else I can think of. And in that section, I just posted my latest book review of The Historian. I also updated my “Currently Reading” page. You should check them all out!

Secondly, stay tuned for my very first product review to come shortly. My food recap will give you a nice sneak preview.

Breakfast yesterday was delish – oatmeal with banana and almond butter.

I snacked on a nice big apple around mid-morning (no pic) and then for lunch I had chicken breast deli meat with mustard, a slide of American cheese and baby spinach on an Arnold’s sandwich thin.

I also had a Chobani blueberry yogurt with some granola.

The granola in my yogurt was this kind:

Galaxy Granola
I received a sample package of Galaxy Granola on Tuesday evening and gave it a try with my yogurt. Galaxy Granola is baked in fruit rather than oil, which means it has 70% less fat than most other granola. The sample pack Galaxy sent me to test out had three flavors:

Vanilla with almond, cranberry orange and not sweet vanilla. I tried the not sweet vanilla first (blue bag) and used it in my yogurt. I was expecting that it might have a less-flavorful taste, but it was really good with just the right hint of sweetness, but not overpowering like some of the more sugary granola out there. I’ll have a full product review coming soon!

This granola also has no artificial ingredients, no oil, no corn syrup and no processed sugars – nice! Galaxy recently started a blog called fruitnotfat and they are on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, in honor of National Nutrition Month, they are giving away a bag of their delish granola to the first 50 people to contact them. So head to their site quick – it will probably go fast!

On to my afternoon. I completely forgot that I had signed up for another camera class until I got the reminder on Tuesday morning from Adorama. The class was from 6 -9 p.m., so I knew I would need some snackies to hold me over.

Around 4 p.m. I ate a Larabar and some veggies with balsamic vinegar.

This Adorama class was called EOS Discovery Day and it was all about the basic functions and tools of an SLR camera. This class was much better for me than the last one I took. The instructor was great and talked about so many things: ISO, shutter speed, aperture, auto focus, exposure, flash and helpful photography tips. They also provided us with a great booklet filled with helpful, digestible info (not like a camera manual). That booklet really made the class worth the money for me. I took a lot away from the class, but now it’s really going to be about practicing what I learned and getting comfortable with all the settings.

I was seriously wiped out and hungry after that class and finally got home around 9:45 p.m. I snacked on some triscuits with cheese and also ate a big bowl of blueberries and blackberries.

I set my alarm last night for 5 a.m. with grand plans of going for a morning run, but I was zonked out. I plan to hit the gym tonight to try to squeeze in 5-7 miles.

Have you ever taken a camera class? What’s the most helpful tip anyone has given you about an SLR camera (from a class or anywhere)? How long did it take you to get comfortable with your SLR options and move away from the automatic mode and into the “creative modes” (as the instructor called them)?

Have a great Thursday all – talk to you on Friday!! 🙂


9 responses to “Lots of Updates!

  1. I took photography in HS and college, but that was back in the film days. I’d love to get a digital SLR camera! I love playing with apperature and shutter speed, you can get some cool affects. I haven’t done it in so long though I’d definitely need a refresher course. I shy away from photography sometimes though as my hubby is the real phototrapher… he’s done weddings, events, etc.

    I meant to get up early this morning for a run… FAIL. I’m hoping to get one in at lunch time instead since I have a function to go to tonight after work.

  2. Don’t forget to save your legs for tomorrow morning 😉

  3. Love your blog! 🙂

    It’s really nice outside today, so I’m running out of doors for the first time in months – can’t wait. I like the not sweet vanilla granola too, yum!!

  4. Yum…that oatmeal looks so good! Thick and creamy…deelish!

  5. that Galaxy granola sounds good..baked in fruit? yum! the salad looks good too..my favorite duo..cukes and tomato! 🙂

  6. I haven’t taken a formal photography class, yet, but would love to. I have much to learn n the ways of lighting, angles, etc. Glad you had a great class! Where was it?

  7. I really want to take a camera class. I have this cool camera, but I totally feel I’m not getting my money’s worth out of it. I’m going to check out the Adorama site for future classes. Thanks for the tip!

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