Getting Some Saturday Sleep

Good morning all! Happy Saturday. I had some grand plans to get up early this morning and get some necessities from CVS, but I slept in until 9:00 instead! And it felt nice. What’s with me and needing some extra sleep lately?

As I mentioned yesterday, I totally slept in on Friday morning by accident. I forgot to set my alarm and the Murph didn’t wake me up. So I flew out of bed and headed to work without breakfast. I made it there on time, but had to create a make-shift breakfast.

A Gnu Bar, a banana and an iced coffee. I have been a coffee fiend lately – I had an iced coffee Tues-Fri of this week and am enjoying a hot coffee right now!

My work day was busy and things are a bit stressful. A few of my co-workers convinced me to grab some lunch out in the sun to lift our spirits. I was very hungry – my breakfast did not tide me over. So I ordered myself a big Turkey Reuben sandwich.

This was huge and I could only eat one half of it…and the fries. Yes, it was not such a healthy day.

The rest of my Friday back in the office was busy. I will forewarn everyone that next week is going to be a busy and stressful week. We have a major meeting coming up and next week will be the final prep for it, so I expect to be working some longer hours than usual. It sort of started yesterday because I ended up staying at work a little later than I wanted to get some stuff done. I was planning to go to a happy hour after work, but was just too exhausted and maybe a bit grumpy. I decided heading home was the best idea.

Hubby and I ended up watching Crazy Heart and I snacked on random things for dinner. And then I fell into a hard, much-needed sleep.

Today we are heading to Marlboro, NY to visit some friends who just had a little baby boy, who we have yet to meet. It’s supposed to be a lovely day and I think we’ll get to spend some of it outside! Can’t wait – looks like it’s going to be a great weekend!

What are your plans?!

Have a great weekend all!


2 responses to “Getting Some Saturday Sleep

  1. I just got home from PT and now I am covered in ice. I will be here for a few hours! 😦

  2. did you like crazy heart? its on our netflix list…

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