Not Quite Ready to Quit

Hi all – I know, who the heck am I right? I’ve been MIA for so long, I’m sure all my readership is gone, my bloggy friends have written me off, and nobody likes me… I guess I’ll go eat worms.

So what’s the deal right? Well – things have just been crazy busy at work and at home.  The fun non-work stuff has been running the Boilermaker back in July…

Camping with friends in Lake George…

Some BBQ-ing, hanging with friends and family, etc.

But when it rains it pours and as our summer fun picked up, so did my workload. A few weeks back, my boss gave me a new big project and responsibilities which have included a lot of coordination, creativity and writing.

But, as I started writing more at work, my desire to blog before or after work started to decline. I only had so many creative juices I could squeeze – ya know?

Anyway – I know this sounds like all excuses, excuses and maybe it is, but I don’t want to quit my blog completely. I just don’t think I can do it everyday. So my promise is to try to blog as often as possible, but it may not be everyday.

READ: Since I lasted posted, I’ve read two books:

EAT: Since I last posted, my eating hasn’t been great. On top of lacking motivation and time, we encountered an issue with our gas in our apt building and it has been turned off since July 24. Guess what – our stove is gas. Our solution was that Hubby and I went out and bought a hot plate, I’ve redefined the term microwave-friendly and have discovered that you can cook many, many things in a toaster oven. I jest, but seriously this has not been fun. Our dryer in the building also runs on gas, so Hubby and I have become the newest visitors to the nearby laundry mat, someplace I had never frequented before. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but man is it expensive!

Run: This has been worst component. Since the Boilermaker on July 12, I think I’ve run maybe twice. And last night was one of those nights. I started off my run at a brisk 7:46 minute mile and then watched as my speed steadily declined and I began hyperventilating. Anyone watching would never have believed that I ran a marathon a short 3 months ago.   I finished up at a 9:18 minute mile pace. Last weekend, Katherine texted me to see if I wanted to run either 9 or 11 miles (can’t remember which) and I literally laughed out loud as I pictured myself keeling over at the end of that run. However, this week as I watched my gut start to expand, I decided to get back in the game. Afterall, I am signed up for a Half Marathon in October. Eeek!

So alas my friends – you finally know the truth about my disappearance. I will try to regain my momentum and find the time to stay updated with the blogworld, but I’m going to beg for a little slack as I get back into the swing.

If you’re a blogger – what has been your longest lapse…if you’ve ever had one?  


15 responses to “Not Quite Ready to Quit

  1. I had that same problem with blogging and then I established a once a week posting schedule and announced it on my blog. It made it much easier for me to stick to a schedule that people were expecting and the pressure to blog often disappeared. Maybe you should consider something like that?

    I’m having a hard time getting back into the running groove too, and I also have a half in October. I guess it takes time.

  2. I think we all get lapses from blogging…..lately mine has probably only been 3 or 4 days, but that is just b/c the guilt overrides me and tells me to get back at it! Pathetic, I know…

  3. well it’s good to have you back! and i’ve been wanting to read Are you there God, it’s me Chelsea for such a long time, it’s good to know it’s worth it!

    i’m hosting a giveaway on my blog if you’re interested in entering. it ends tonight so hurry!

    i also have a lot of book reviews on my blog if you’re ever interested in perusing through them :]

  4. yay welcome back!! sometimes blogging is just hard to keep up with, especially when we are busy! i was SO busy in july, but its also an outlet to me which helps… but there were definitely times that i felt overwhelmed by it. hope you stick around 🙂

  5. well i just started blogging so i haven’t had a lapse yet… but when school starts in aug i’m sure it will be inevitable!

  6. YAY good to see you posting. I’ve been meaning to email you to see how you’ve been! I wouldn’t fret over not posting every day- there’s no way I could do it. I think I lost my groove blogging wise for a month or two and then got back into it after to boilermaker. Even still my posts are sporadic. Do what works with your schedule!

    On another note, when will you be in town (and free!) again? I’ve “met” a bunch of local bloggers and we are getting together for yoga this sunday!

  7. I read The Hour I First Believed about a year ago and I enjoyed it, not as much as his other books, but it’s the same type of delving into family history stuff (which I like). I did think that I Know This Much is True was a better story than THIFB.

    • I have “I know this much is true” sitting on my desk at work to read eventually. My summer reading list has gotten out of control. Too many books, not enough time. 🙂

  8. Welcome back!! You’ll be back to racing form in NO time and you’ll be smoking me as you fly up the promenade 🙂

    • Thanks!! Definitely not smoking anyone in running anytime soon. It’s like I’m back to square one. It amazes me how quickly I can lose endurance.

  9. I wondered where you went! Still on my Google Reader so I would see when you come back! It’s ok to take a hiatus. Life gets in the way and blogging is just for writing about it!

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