Saturday Date Night and P90X

Hi all – how has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty good. On Saturday I decided to sleep in bit and try out one of the P90X videos instead of running. I probably should have just gone running because I’m soo sore today from it that running is out of the question. I woke up with soreness I haven’t felt since after my very first long run.

Before I jumped into P90X I ate a yummy oatmeal breakfast with strawberries.

I want to preface this by saying I am NOT really doing P90X. We have the DVDs, but realistically, our apartment is not conducive to the actual training program. We don’t have a lot of room to move around and do all the activities to the fullest.

That being said, I wanted to finally see what this program was all about. So I popped in the Plyometrics DVD and wondered what I was in for.

The answer – a lot of cardio, sweating and heavy breathing. It was tough. There was a ton of jumping, lunging, squatting, etc. It was really intense. The video was a full hour, but I think we were probably really working hard for about 50 minutes of the DVD.

At the end of the DVD I was pooped. But I felt really good. My legs had been worked in ways they hadn’t been in a very long time. I think today I may try the ab DVD.

After I finished the DVD, I ate a protein bar (still a few left) and then cleaned a bit. A little while later I was hungry again, so I threw some veggies in a bowl with balsamic vinegar.

That held me over until Hubby and I headed out for date night. A Shake Shack just opened up on the UES and I’ve been wanting to try it out. There is always a line out the door, so we gave ourselves a little extra time. When we got there, there was indeed a long line, but it moved pretty quickly and soon enough I was ordering a cheeseburger with fries and a diet coke. And it was yummy! We sat in the outside area and enjoyed our not-so-healthy summer dinner.

After dinner, we headed to the movie theater to see Inception.

We happened to talk to an older couple a Shake Shack and mentioned we were going to see this and they told us they hated it and actually walked out of the theater mid-movie. Well that didn’t exactly excite us, so I was a little hesitant when things started. However, I really liked it. The couple said it was too confusing and hard to follow, but both Hubby and I were able to follow everything okay.

All in all, I enjoyed it and it had me thinking and attentive the whole time. I certainly recommend it. It’s not a mindless movie though.

So that was our Saturday. And I’m sad that it’s Sunday already. On the agenda today – laundry at the laundry mat, cleaning, possibly P90X abs, dinner and True Blood.

How has your weekend been? What’s your Sunday look like?

And yes, I am upset with myself that I didn’t run, but I’m planning to ease back in on Monday night on the treadmill. I think setting a lofty 9-11 mile run goal might have intimidated me. I’ve decided to take baby steps now.


4 responses to “Saturday Date Night and P90X

  1. they WALKED OUT?! i haven’t seen Inception myself, but everyone I’ve talked to lets on like watching it was the most epic 3 hours of their life.

    my weekend has been okay…Sundays are sleepy days but BIG BROTHER comes on tonight so I’m pumped for that. :]

  2. My stepmom did P90x before she got into hot yoga and she loved it! I want to see inception badly. I’ve heard so many awesome things about it. I went to go see Eat Pray Love today and was a fan 🙂

  3. You should try chest and back next. Great work out!!

  4. huh, that’s crazy about the couple. inception wasn’t my favorite movie of all time but it wasn’t bad enough that i would have walked out. hmm…. to each their own, i guess!

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