Tying Up Loose Ends

Happy Saturday all! I’m up at my parent’s house dropping off Mr. Murph (my parents are cat-sitting while we’re away) and doing some pre-vacation laundry. I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow. It’s a 10:40 p.m. flight, so I am considering taking some NyQuil or Tylenol PM to knock me out on the flight. Has anyone else ever done that with an overnight flight?

My last few days of work were crazy with trying to get stuff finished and tie up all my loose ends. My department co-workers and I also went out to a late lunch/happy hour on Thursday as a goodbye lunch to our boss.

For lunch I had the turkey club (they noted it was free range on the menu, which I loved) from PJ Clarkes.

The only problem with the sandwich was that the bread was so hard, I could barely bite through it. I probably only ended up eating about half of the sandwich because it was so tough.

Then we all shared a celebratory cupcake (or two).

And here is our cute little team…

It was such a gorgeous day outside by the Hudson!

Friday was a whirlwind. Last minute projects and requests were flying my way, so I was shooting off emails and writing like a crazy woman. But it felt good to power down at 4:30 knowing that I had taken care of everything! And now I am officially on VACATION until September 13th! And it feels amazing. 🙂

Tonight the real packing and preparatory mayhem begins! Have a nice weekend all!


3 responses to “Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. Where are you headed? I just got back from 2 weeks in Australia and took Tylenol PM on the flight. I think it helped a bit, but I was in economy, and I have to say, it was just plain uncomfortable. I’ve heard others say I should have taken some Ambien, so maybe look into that!

  2. Have a safe flight!! I’ve never taken anything in flight (but I’ve never flown that late!) Majority of my flying (back home from school) is EARLY early morning. I’m cranky and tired enough just to curl back to sleep. 😉

  3. Have fun! I haven’t taken anything on a red eye but I traveled to Europe with my friend and she did and got some rest.

    Enjoy Ireland, it is beautiful!

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