Blog World Drama on a Dreary Day

YAY – we made it through Monday. Mine felt like an especially rough one. How was yours? I think this dreary weather isn’t really helping things out either.

I feel like after weekends where you really don’t get any rest, heading back to work on Monday feels especially difficult. I needed some time to ease back into the grind, but that simply was not an option.

I did manage to browse a few blogs and was reading about the Marie Claire article “The Hunger Diaries” that basically bashed six popular healthy living bloggers. I read Caitlin’s blog (Healthy Tipping Point) and Tina’s blog (Carrots N’ Cake) frequently. Tina’s blog was the first healthy living blog I discovered and played a big role in inspiring me to start my blog. She even chatted with me on the phone and gave me tips for starting a blog. I was shocked by the article. For more details and their responses, you can visit their blogs (they are also on my blogroll).

I was once a journalist, so I understand the draw of a controversial story. Journalism is a hard business to be in these days–hence my move into communications. But you can’t slant the truth in order to make a story controversial or compelling and that’s what I feel like this reporter did. Part of me also thinks she might be jealous because healthy living blogs have become so popular and possibly even put a dent in the traditional women’s magazine/health magazine readership.

Whatever her motives – she failed in her duty as a reporter, in my opinion. The article seemed totally one-sided and disproportionately negative. I wanted to comment on the Marie Claire Facebook page, but I didn’t want to have to “like” them in order to do it. I just kept thinking – wow, I would feel so awful if that article was written about me and my blog. But the blog world is so supportive that I think this will become a distant memory very soon.

If you have a blog, have you encountered negative criticism? How did you deal?

So far, I haven’t had any negative comments (knock on wood). But my blog also isn’t well-known or have very high traffic. Ahh , thank goodness for the small concessions of being less popular. 🙂

So anyway. Yesterday was busy, but it was also a rest day for me after my 12-mile run on Sunday. So I headed to my friend Katie’s house after work to have some dinner. She just moved into my neighborhood, about 15 blocks away, and I am super excited!!

We started off with some crackers, brie cheese, apple and gourmet jam.

Then Katie and her roommate Ali made some delicious spaghetti with sausage, diced tomatoes and onions.

It hit the spot!!

We relaxed, watched a bit of Dancing with the Stars and then I walked home. It’s so awesome when someone lives so close that you can walk home from their apt. And it’s so rare for that to happen in NYC.

Today is yet another dreary day. I think I’ll be heading to the gym for my run after work today. I  also hope to have a book review of Bel Canto coming you way soon! Have a great Tuesday!


11 responses to “Blog World Drama on a Dreary Day

  1. I agree with you that the article was outrageously one-sided, negative and an example of poor reporting. But Katie Drummond did have some valid points and it is a shame that they got buried under the venom of her words. She could have presented the same ideas in a much more productive way and promoted a discussion of the issues, rather than cause anger and defensiveness throughout the blog world.

    Agree with you that Tina is awesome. She helped me a lot when I reached out to her about a career movie.

    • Yes, I think there could have been some valid points if the article was written in an unbiased manner. I think the tone she had right from the start was a dead give-away as to what her argument would be and I stopped even half listening to her points. Tina is great!

  2. I agree with your viewpoint. I think the author tried to make a story where there wasn’t one. She got way too overeager and it did not end well for her.

    I always encourage debate. Haven’t had too many negative comments- but have had a few where I’ve had to go back and clarify a few things (nothing too bad).

    • Yes, me too. I’ve clarified a few things I’ve said as well. But I’m totally waiting for that first really bad comment to come my way – I’m not sure if I’ll be ready.

  3. I think the article was very poorly written. A lot of conclusory, inflammatory statements with no evidence to support them. Perhaps some discussion needs to be had about the issues with healthy living blogs, but not in that manner. I am not a journalist but I do write legal briefs on occasion, and if I wrote in the manner she did I would be laughed out of court. It’s a shame.

    • I agree – no facts. All pure opinion and taking blog content to twist it into what you need. Coming from a journalism background, I know how easy it is to do that – it’s the easy way out when you don’t have a real story.

  4. You’ve got my interest piqued here..I’m off to read them. It’s too bad that it’s going on, though, in the first place.

  5. I haven’t had negative criticism yet but I’m sure it will come eventually. I’m in complete agreement that the article was really biased and one sided.

  6. Nice response. I obviously agree. Did you go to Healthy Living Summit?

  7. I was actually thinking of doing a post (on my list of post ideas) about how you have to have a thick skin to blog and put yourself out there b/c when you do you have to be ready for criticism.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard (about myself and others) that we should stop blogging about life and start living it!

    They’re haters!! | |

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