Running Sans iPod and Boston Registrant

Good morning all – Happy Hump Day! What a dreary day out in NYC. Blah. I planned to head to the gym this morning and run, but that definitely did not happen, so the gym it is tonight after work.

Good news of the day: Guess what email I received yesterday?!! My official registration for the Boston Marathon!! They confirmed my qualifying time and then I checked myself out on their Registrant Page.

Sorry – I blocked out my last name, in case there are any crazy stalkers out there.

After receiving my Boston confirmation, yesterday turned into a pretty busy day, as it seems all days are now. But I managed to get out of work at 5 p.m. and get home early enough to go for a quick run outside before the rain started and it got too dark. I ran with my worn out and broken Garmy (his replacement band should be coming soon). Here are my stats:

Mile 1 – 8:17
Mile 2 – 8:25
Mile 3 – 8:38
Mile 4 – 8:35
.29 – 2:47

Total mileage – 4.29 in 36:44. Average page – 8:33 minute miles.

I felt pretty good on this run, like I was working hard, but not exhausted.

Sounds of Silence
I have a strange confession. I haven’t run with my iPod since before the Pocono Marathon in May. It started out that I just forgot it once or twice and then suddenly, I was just never bringing it. And to be quite honest – I don’t really miss it. I know – it’s totally weird. But when I start getting back into longer weekend runs, I will probably grab it again. For these short 3 – 6 miles runs over the past few months, I haven’t felt the need. I feel like without it, I’m more in tune to what’s happening around me. More aware of the people and the scenery.

Do you ever ditch you iPod once in a while when you run?

I think it’s a great thing to try every now and then. I also feel like I’m more aware of my breathing and exertion in general. It just seems to make for a more cognizant run overall. But – that is just my opinion. I know lots of people who would never dream of running sans iPod.

After my run, I stretched a bit and then headed inside to make some dinner. I wanted to use up a can of beans that had been lingering in the cupboard, and with us still being ovenless, the choices were limited. Hence, I had what appears to be a taco, without the taco shell.

Brown rice with beans and corn, topped with lettuce and salsa. My shell-less taco was pretty decent, albeit probably a bit strange to most people.  

I then managed to watch a bit of Glee and The Biggest Loser before passing out quite early. That’s my MO as of late. I think the change of the season is draining me, along with the weird weather. It’s super warm here right now and I switch between sweating and feeling chilly. It’s pretty frustrating.

Have a great day all!


11 responses to “Running Sans iPod and Boston Registrant

  1. Congrats on Boston! I’ve only run without my iPod when running with friends, and there have been many silent miles where we didn’t talk and I was fine! I always take my iPod on my solo runs because I just love music so much, but I do think I’d be fine without it.

  2. I actually find it kind of weird to run with my ipod. Occasionally I’ll listen to podcasts, but if I have music on I tend to get into the music and get away from my run, if that makes sense. Like I’ll be running to the cadence of the music and not listening to my own rhythm, and it will throw me off rather than helping to motivate me. And congrats on Boston!

  3. I definitely go through phases of ipod or no ipod….. right now I’ve been running with my iphone and listening to Pandora stations on it. But I am definitely a no ipod during a race person!

    Yay on being official! 🙂 The next big excitement is bib number assignment!

  4. Congrats on the official confirmation! I’m still waiting on mine and starting to go a little crazy! I almost always run with my ipod but did a trail marathon one time that didn’t allow it and it was so refreshing to be music-less. I can’t believe you haven’t run with it since May, I definitely could not do that!

  5. It IS dreary (and humid!) out, yuck! So funny, I think the last time I used my ipod on a run was last spring. I don’t like using it when it’s dark out in the mornings, and really started liking my runs without it! I love just thinking, hearing what’s going on around me, etc.

    P.S. HOORRAY Boston!

  6. Great on being official! I love running with my ipod.

  7. When I run with others I don’t bring an ipod, but I often run with one on my own – especially if it’s a long run. However, sometimes I just don’t want more noise in my life. If I just got home from a hectic work day I usually skip the ipod.

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