Boston: Here I Come!!

This upcoming race has been in the making since October 2009 – about one day after I finished my very FIRST marathon, I decided I wanted to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. Bitten by the Boston bug, I signed up for the Pocono Run for the Red Marathon after reading promising reviews about the speedy course. Speedy it was, but also hilly and extremely draining. I gave my EVERYTHING in that race and squeaked by with a qualifying time of 3:39:35. Phew! Good thing too, since I don’t think there is ANY chance for me to attain the new qualifying standard for my age group of sub 3:35:00 for 2013. EEK!

So Boston here I come. We’ve had this date for quite some time. I hope you’re ready for me. 🙂

My journey will begin on Sunday morning as my friend Lauren and I hop on an Amtrak train destined for Boston. For those interested, my bib number is: 15729. But I will be starting in Wave 3 (10:40 a.m.) instead of 2 so that I can run with Lauren. I thought it was pretty cool to track people last year, so I thought I’d share my number. You can visit to sign-up to track runners.

I may try to blog from Boston, but I really just want to absorb every minute, so we will see!! Tonight I’ve got to finish up my packing, do some laundry, eat some carbs, get some good rest and start mentally preparing for the race of my life!! YAY Boston!!

So who else will be there either running or cheering?!!


7 responses to “Boston: Here I Come!!

  1. So exciting! GOOD LUCK! You’re going to be amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. Enjoy every minute!

  2. Good luck! I’m so excited to hear everyone’s recaps!

  3. Good luck Lindsey!!!! Hope you have the best experience ever – I’ll be cheering for you! 🙂

  4. Yay for being able to share this absolutely amazing experience with the absolutely best friend a girl could have!! Boston you better be ready for us!!! 🙂 I’m already so proud of you my little Lindsey Lou!!!! 🙂

  5. Hope you had a great time and enjoyed the run! 🙂

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