Quick Trip to Florida

Hello all. How is everyone? I got back late Thursday night from traveling for work for a few days, hence the blog has been a little quiet. The company I work for has an office down near Orlando and we had a big meeting onsite. Those who know me well, know that I like traveling for personal vacations, but am not a huge fan of traveling for work.

Why you ask? Well, traveling stresses me out. Even when vacationing, I don’t fully relax until I’ve arrived where I’m supposed to and have checked in to my hotel. I have developed a little OCD when it comes to traveling over the years. I am constantly worried about being late, missing flights, etc. So the end result is that I tend to make people I’m traveling with leave extremely early and then sit with me in airports and train stations for obscene amounts of time. Boring at times, yes. But it’s worth it for them not to have to travel with a stressed out and crazed Lindsey.

What about you? Are you a laid-back travel or a worry-wart like me?

So my travel went well. I was going to post from the hotel, but then things got hectic and I ran out of time. I was pretty pleased to have my very own suite for this trip – not that I spent any time in the hotel really. But the room wasn’t bad.

All this space for little old me!? Yup, I had a full suite to myself. I barely used any of it.

Plus, this crazy hotel served a complimentary breakfast (normal) and dinner (what?). We didn’t partake in the dinner, but I could not get over the fact that they provide their guests with two free meals a day! I saw a ton of families staying there and it seems like a pretty smart plan in my book to make a trip to Orlando a bit more affordable.

Today is Saturday and I’m headed to Connecticut in a bit for a little reunion with my college girls. I am also going to try to squeeze a short run in before that. I slept until 8:00 a.m. today – I think I really needed the rest. So I’ll only run maybe 4-5 miles this morning. It hasn’t been a great running week for me, but a few miles is better than nothing.

Also – I’m very jealous of everyone who went to BlogHer and will be going to the Healthy Living Summit. For some reason, my schedule never coincides with those events, but I love reading the recaps!

Anyway – it’s a gorgeous day for a quick run, maybe some pool time at my friend’s house and then some quality friend time! Hope you all have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Quick Trip to Florida

  1. Nice blog!

    I am a laid back traveler. Traveling can be stressful but most times it is out of your control. So getting flustered takes more energy rather than relaxing and going with the flow.

    I’m at a hotel this wknd also (Homewood Suites) that has suites and serves breakfast and dinner. The other night we had chicken and dumplings. I thought, “Wow. You know we’re in the south!” It was delicious.

    • I am definitely trying to get better about traveling and not stressing. This trip wasn’t too bad. And yes – I was staying at a Homewood Suites just outside Orlando and they had the breakfast AND dinner. Crazy!!

  2. Travel for work kind of stinks b/c well, it’s work! But looks like you made out pretty well. Enjoy your Ct. trip!

  3. Have fun with your girlfriends!

    I agree, traveling for work is a pain. I tend not to get too stressed out with traveling unless something major happens (or, say, there’s a airplane crash during the week I fly- that makes me all paranoid). That’s great that you could have had two free meals- very economical! Though when work is paying for it, notsomuch necessary 😉

  4. just found your blog and i’m having fun going through your old posts! YAY NYC runner bloggers 🙂

    xo christine

  5. WOW!! What a nice hotel suite!! I am used to get super stressed out about traveling mainly because I stressed about working out but now I kind of roll with the punches. If I can squeeze in a workout then great and if I can’t then I am okay with it too. It makes for a better time (work or pleasure) when I am not worried about it.

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