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My 2011 Boston Marathon Memories

As  my Twitter feed was blowing up today with Boston Marathon updates, I got to thinking about my 0ne and only Boston Marathon experience last year. Humor me for a moment as I share my top 2011 Boston Marathon memories and tips…

2011 Boston Marathon Memories & Tips  

  • The excitement in the air was tangible – I cannot recall another race I’ve run where the whole city was buzzing like this (note: I haven’t run NYC yet, but I expect it will be the same way).
  • I wish I had spent more time in Boston. It was a quick in and out trip for  my best friend and me. We took the train up on Sunday, checked in, went to the expo, ate dinner, ran the race, and checked out and took the train back right afterwards. It felt rushed. If you make it to Boston – don’t rush it. Enjoy it!
  • Make reservations for 2013 like NOW!! No seriously. I tried to make reservations like a month or two in advance and was laughed at. Apparently people start like 6-8 months in advance. We did ok – we tagged along with a smart friend who had made reservations and was able to add two more people. Thankfully!
  • Don’t overeat at the Expo: I did. All the tasty goodies to try and free stuff being given out. Another bite of a yummy bar – sure don’t mind if I do. But then oh – 30 minutes later after all those random snacks are mixing in my tummy and it did not feel good. Enjoy the expo, but don’t enjoy it too much with your tummy.
  • Getting a ride to the start is AWESOME! Our friend’s father was running Boston last year and his wife was driving him to the start. He offered us a ride and at first I declined. Being the paranoid planner that I am, I figured the standard race-issued ride to the start was the safest way to go. My friend convinced me to be a little daring for once and take the ride and it was the best decision ever. We got to sleep in a little  late, didn’t have to wait for hours in the runner’s village and got dropped off super close to the start. Do it if you can!
  • I’ve never been so cramped running – I mean as in having people around me at ALL times. All my other marathons have been pretty small – 2,000 runners or less – so the amount of runners kind of overwhelmed and terrified me.
  • I don’t really remember heartbreak hill. I know that sounds crazy, but I think after all my training on the Central Park hills and the fact that I had NO clue where I was in the race made that hill seem less than intimidating. I saw the sign that said I was over the hill before I even knew I hit it. I wish I was always so lucky when it comes to hills – I’m  not. But heartbreak really isn’t as bad as a lot of people make it out to be – so don’t worry yourself sick about it.
  • I DO remember the Wellesley girls and the deafening roar they made as I was coming around the corner to their section of the race. I was dumbfounded. It was the loudest thing EVER.
  • I wish I had written my name on my shirt. With all those spectators, you really can’t go wrong writing your name on your shirt. My friend had a shirt on with the name of her charity and literally EVERYONE kept cheering for her. I, however, did not hear a single “go girl with the pink shirt.” Names matter. I made sure I had my name on my shirt for my next marathon and it was pretty fun. You feel like you have so many friends. Or you’re a celebrity.
  • I ran with my phone. And it was weird. I wore a spibelt and I’m not quite sure how I was okay with that. I’m a less is more kind of person when it comes to running accoutrements. Most days I want to fling my water belt out the window. So how I managed to run 26.2 miles with a spibelt on that held not only my phone, but two Gus, I will never quite understand. I guess it’s a testament to how comfortable the spibelt is. Kudos spibelt – well done.
  • I ate two huge candy bars after the race. I guess this goes back to my last post and my sugar issues. Obviously this sugar thing has been going on for a while. I remember first housing a snickers bar and then I think it was a Twix. I didn’t even buy the candy bars. My friend had four candy bars for some reason and was kind enough to share them with my hungry eyes. Good planning Lauren – well done. She even convinced me that a snickers bar is like an energy bar because it has so much protein. She didn’t need to sell me – I was gonna eat it no matter what. 🙂

So those are just a few of my Boston memories. What about the course, you ask? Was it hard? Did I hurt? How did I do? I supposed the course was hard, the race was hard, I was in some pain, and I did okay. But for me, the Boston Marathon was so much more than that stuff. It’s an experience I cherished and so maybe I tend to remember random things from that day more than the actual course and race details. So what.

But of course, you can get all of the nitty gritty race details in my recap from last year if you’re really interested.  Happy Marathon Monday!!


Help My Friend Run the Boston Marathon in 2011!

We’ve made it past hump day and through the toughest part of the week!! Thank goodness! As usual, this week has been a pretty busy one. Here’s a bit of recap

Rangers vs. Canadiens Game
On Tuesday, Hubby and I went to the Rangers vs. Canadiens game at Madison Square Garden. I bought him tickets for his birthday. He is a big Canadiens fan, so we got some dirty looks as he rocked his sweatshirt proudly. We had pretty good seats, only a few rows back from the ice, which made for great viewing, but also kind of chilly.

When we got there, we grabbed a not-so-healthy, but oh so expensive dinner at MSG. The game was really good. I’m not a huge hockey fan, but I think being closer to the action helped me to be able to keep up with what was going on. In the end, the Canadiens won 2-1 and Hubby was very happy. Everyone else around us, not so much.

Boston Marathon Donations Needed!!
While we were at the game, I got a message from my best friend that sounded a little bit stressed and worried. I started thinking about all the horrible possibilities and then soon found out that she was worried because she had gotten into the 2011 Boston Marathon through a charity program and was worried she wouldn’t be able to raise the money.

Phew – I thought it was something terrible. But this was GREAT NEWS, I told her!! If you recall, she tried to qualify for Boston back in October and missed it by only a few minutes. Deep down, she still really wanted to run.

So a few weeks ago, she began applying to every charity possible that claimed to still have room–by the way, that was very, very few. Even the charity spaces filled up super fast this year.

When no charity responded, we both finally gave up on the idea of her running it with me. Sadness. 😦

But then…she heard back from the American Liver Foundation’s (ALF) Run for Research Team – she was in! The really interesting part is that this was the one group I insisted she apply to because the ALF is very close to our hearts (Hubby and I). We try to support the ALF however possible because a close family member had a successful  liver transplant in 2000. We understand how important research is and are so thankful that the transplant was possible and successful.  It seemed almost a bit like fate that the ALF miraculously had a spot open for Lauren.

So now the real fun begins – raising $3,250 in donations by April 18th! Time for me to beg on Lauren’s behalf. If you’ve ever raised money through a charity program, you know it can be a bit stressful if you don’t get the donations you need. So please, please consider donating to help my friend reach her goal! I thought, what better place to ask than the blogosphere, where so many people understand what it’s like to dream of running Boston, and at the same time raising money for such a worthy cause. I hope that you will consider donating! Visit: http://go.liverfoundation.org/goto/LaurenBeaver and click on the “Click here to Sponsor Me” button above the status thermometer. Your donation would be so greatly appreciated. And don’t feel weird about donating to someone you don’t know because I check her donation status daily (okay hourly) and fill her in whenever anyone I know donates.

So there is my unabashed plea for money. 🙂

The rest of my week so far involved some running, work, snow and a movie. So coming soon…my review of Black Swan and some details about the book club I joined! Fun stuff.  Have a great Thursday!