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Hi all! Phew – I’ve been a little MIA lately for various reason: busy, semi-sick and more busy. When I last left you, I’d have my coughing attack on the subway. I’ve started feeling much better in the past two days, but I still have this itchy dry throat feeling that really gets me coughing. It seems to be worse at night. Last night was especially bad when I went to bed. I’m thinking post-nasal drip? (Eww isn’t that the worst name for it ever?)

Anyway – enough about my coughing problems! I’m hoping they will fade away soon. I think a lot of it has to do with allergies. I took another rest day on Wednesday because I still wasn’t feeling hot. But then last night, I got my butt back out there running. I was excited to run after my short two-day hiatus.

Do you ever find taking a mini break rejuvenates you and makes you appreciate your runs more?

I headed out for a nice run after work last night – the weather was fabulous. Not fabulous: my Garmin trying to locate satellites. I think after its little freezing glitch on Sunday, Garms was a little out of wack. I stood around waiting for it to locate satellites for a solid 10 minutes before I decided the heck with it! I needed to get out there and had a decent idea of the distance, so I told myself I’d starts Garms whenever it was ready.

I also put myself to a little test last night. Since Garms was having issues anyway, I decided to run at whatever pace felt good and comfortable and then I’d check my pace only after I got home (once Garms started working anyway).

Garms finally located those darn satellites after about 1.25 miles, so I pressed start and then firmly averted my eyes and refused to look at Garms again until the end. This was to be my true test of what pace I think I could potentially maintain during the marathon. Here are my stats from mile 1.25+ on.

Mile 1 – 8:24
Mile 2 – 8:25
Mile 3 – 8:14
Mile 4 – 8:39
Mile 5 – 8:13
.65 – 5:46

Total Garmin mileage – 5.65 miles in 47:43. Average pace – 8:27 minute miles. In total, I estimate that I ran 6.65 miles.

And I can certainly live with those times/pace for my marathon. I think this was a good test to put myself through. Sometimes I feel like I rely on my Garmin too much and wonder if I’m only running faster because I’m watching my pace or if I’m really comfortable at that pace.

If you have a Garmin, do you ever run without it? Do you ever feel like it’s dictating your runs too much?

I think a break here and there is good, so you can appreciate the run for how it makes you feel, rather than how fast you ran it.

Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with this gem of a photo from the More Magazine Half Marathon on Sunday. I’m looking pretty fab:

It’s okay to be jealous! Hahaha. What’s with my face? I look totally bored! Also – you can definitely notice that I have a tiny pea-sized-head in this picture because my hat is completely overwhelming me. No clue at what point in the race this was taken. But I love the water on the ground – proves it was realllly raining.

Alright all – have a fantastic weekend! I’m headed upstate for a wedding and am super excited. It’s going to be gorgeous – 85 degrees. Happy wedding weekend to Jenny and Kevin!!