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Feels Like Summer

Good morning all – it’s hot and sticky in NYC today! We seriously did not have a spring – we went from winter to summer. The hot weather is making my breakfast decisions a little tougher. I’m really not in the mood for oatmeal these days. I might have to give overnight oats another try.

Yesterday for breakfast I resorted to an English muffin with peanut butter and banana on one half and apricot jelly on the other.

What are your favorite summer/hot weather breakfasts? I need some new ideas!

Last week I had just a grapefruit one morning and it did not keep me full. I loved the cool freshness of it as a breakfast, but I have to worry about it keeping me sustained as well – which is did not.

For lunch yesterday I grabbed a salad and I snacked on a granola bar and Chobani yogurt during the day. Boring – so no pics.

Dinner had to be quick and easy because Hubby and I were heading to the Yankees game. I made a sandwich on an Arnold Thin with roasted chicken breast, mustard and american cheese. And of course, a side of pickles. Yum!

After our quick dinner, Hubby and I headed to the game – well I hobbled to the game really. My co-worker, who happens to be accident prone on a regular basis and broke her toe before (along with many other bones), swears that she thinks my toe is broken. I disagree – I think it’s just a bad sprain. But it’s already feeling soo much better today. I was actually shocked this morning by how great it felt.

Once we got to the game, I was tempted by the greasy sights and smells and convinced Hubby to share some french fries with me. Here we are at the game:

The game

We thoroughly enjoyed our $8 container of fries – it’s soo ridiculously expensive there. I also bought at diet pepsi and it was $5!! I really didn’t want to give in to the temptation, but fries are a weakness.

I also had an idea yesterday. I’m considering running The Sun Half Marathon that is run in conjunction with the Bay State Marathon on October 17. My friend and running buddy Lauren is running the marathon with hopes of qualifying for Boston (yay send her best wishes!) and I was thinking it might be fun to run the Half Marathon and then cheer her on.

Has anyone out there run that marathon or half marathon? Thoughts, feedback on it?

I’m not planning to run a marathon in the fall because we’re going to Ireland from the end of Aug – early September and it would be smack in the middle of training, but I’m thinking I should keep running as many short-middle races as I can. I’m in such a marathon-train mode at this point that I think it will be strange to not be training for one during the summer.

What races are on your calendar? Any really fun ones we should all know about?

I’ll say it again – if you haven’t run The Boilermaker yet – you should!! It’s so much fun. The whole town comes out, bands, animals from the zoo and then a huge party at the end with free beer. Great time!

Alright all – have a great Wednesday! I’m so happy it’s already mid-week! 🙂

Great Start to 2010!

Good morning – happy 2010! This is going to be a quick post, I just felt the need to write my first 2010 post. Our New Year’s Eve was very low-key, per my choice. The Hubby claims he wanted to go out and party in the city, but secretly I think he enjoyed chilling at home.

I had planned to make risotto, but then Hubby told me he doesn’t like risotto and actually really just wanted to order pizza. I said okay to that because it meant much less work for me and I could just hang out and relax.

I didn’t take any pics last night – I just wanted to unwind and not worry about it. We ended up watching a slew of movies, both good and bad: Stepbrothers (very funny), District 9 (weird), and Body of Lies (a bit disappointing). And then of course we watched the ball drop and had some champagne to celebrate the New Year. It was quiet and relaxing and I was very happy with it.

This morning when we woke up, Hubby decided to make breakfast. What a great start to 2010!! Before breakfast I took another Zicam and made a glass of Emergen-C.

And then came the Hubby-made breakfast:

Scrambled eggs (with my requisite side of ketchup), venison sausage (yes, you read that right – more to come on that in a few days), honey double fiber English muffins with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter and banana, with a coffee and side of Emergen-C.

It was delicious and a great start to 2010! Today our plans are to do a big clean of the apartment (it really needs it), and I plan to go for a run along river because it’s a balmy 40 degrees outside! Hubby will be hitting the gym instead. I don’t feel entirely 100% yet, but I think my self-medicating has been helping. I’m going to continue with my methods.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and that your 2010 has started off great as well – I have to say it was pretty nice not to start the new year off with a hangover. 🙂

Have a great day!