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“Good Health Cafe” Review

As promised, I have a restaurant review for you today. Yesterday I mentioned a great little hole in the wall place on the UES – I’m talking about  “Good Health Cafe.” Located on First Avenue between 74th and 75th, you would surely miss this place if you weren’t specifically looking for it. Once you enter the unassuming building, you find yourself in a small dining area with about 6-8 tables. Don’t let this deter you.

Sit yourself down and then try to decide what to order off of the fairly expansive and interesting menu. There’s some asian fusion in there, a little mexican, some hearty appetizers, wraps, burgers, fish, delicious sounding salads, and finally a smashing brunch menu.

When I visited this locale, I was firmly set in brunch mode. Thankfully, they serve brunch until 4:30 p.m. Sold! But then the problem became what to order? Look at this brunch list: banana pecan whole grain pancakes with blueberry; whole wheat pancakes; multigrain pumpkin spiced waffles  or pancakes; wholesome belgian waffles topped with banana blueberry sauce;  wheat-free very berry pancakes; organic buttermilk pancakes; corn & wild rice whole grain pancakes; baby blueberry pancakes; very berry multigrain pancakes; cinnamon vanilla french toast.

And my brunch choice isn’t even on there! I ordered whole wheat pancakes with warm apples and cinnamon. It came with veggies patties, homefries and eggs on the side. It was amazing.

Soo yumm! This totally filled me up. Next time though, I may have to give the french toast a whirl. 🙂 Also – they have a big omelet section on their menu as well. There really is something for everyone.

My friend’s boyfriend wasn’t in the mood for brunch, so he got a salad that he absolutely loved. I think it was the Green Tea Soba Noodle Salad: chilled japanese noodle with julienne tofu and vegetables in peanut sauce, served over greens.

I’ve decided this place would be the perfect post run  brunch spot – do I hear a blogger run and brunch calling? 🙂  Who is in? I’d surely have to try to make some sort of reservation to fit more than 4 people in this joint, so let me know. I’m thinking the weekend of November 20th – who’s around?