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200 Posts and Half Marathon Training

Yay, I’m finally hitting my 200th post. It sure took long enough. I used to be an everyday poster, but the past few months have lagged a bit. But I’ve reached 200 nonetheless!

I’ve seen other people do some fun stuff for their 200th post, but I can’t really think of anything cute or entertaining at the moment. So I will dedicate my 200th post to getting back into running. As I mentioned, I started off by running 3 miles on Monday night and, despite the consistent rain, it felt really good. My body missed it. And I think I had enough of a break where I’m truly ready to get back to it.

So on Tuesday, I drafted a half marathon training plan. Afterall, my half marathon is a very short 5 weeks away. And no, that’s not typically how long I would train for a half, but it’s all I’ve got so I’m making do and praying that my faint muscle memory from the Poconos Marathon may help get me through this. So here’s my schedule:

Yup – it’s pretty tough to see. Here’s the link to the Google spreadsheet. Basically my long Saturday runs will be 9, 11, 12, 8 and then 13.1 on race day. So essentially, I’m praying I can run 9 miles this weekend. 🙂 We’ll soon find out.

On Tuesday after work I forced myself to run a full 5 miles and boy did it hurt. I could not manage to run under a 9 minute mile. I have some major work to do.

After the tough run, I made a quick and easy dinner on the hot plate. Yes, we STILL do not have gas.

No real recipe on this one. I cooked the pasta and then made a sauce with mushrooms, grape tomatoes and peas using chicken broth, white wine, butter, a little lemon juice and some shredded cheese.

I thought it had a nice little kick and was very tasty and filling. I’ll end this post with a few things I learned while in Ireland…

  • “Cheers” can be used to say hello, goodbye and thank you.
  • Small, compact cars are the optimal choice
  • Always carry an umbrella, it can be sunny and bright one minute and downpour the next. And then be sunny and bright again.
  • If you don’t want to drink a full pint, simply ask for a “glass” of whatever beer you drink. It’s the same as a half pint. (I’m sure people already know that, but I never knew it.)
  • Many people in Ireland were greatly affected by 9/11. On numerous occasions, when people heard we were from NY they began talking about how saddened they were by 9/11 at great length.
  • An Irish breakfast typically includes a fried egg, bacon, sausage, a fried tomato and sometimes beans.
  • Blood pudding is sometimes included in an Irish breakfast and it consists of  a combination of animal blood, suet, grains, raisins or currants, and spices, which cause the resultant sausage to look either deep purple or black. It’s also not liquidy.
  • Potato pancakes are a surprisingly filling meal and quite delicious.
  • Ketchup tastes a little off in Ireland – a bit too tomatoey.
  • They love cream, butter and full milk…as well as ice cream.
  • In some of the bigger cities, the teenagers and college students were often very scantily clad on the weekend. It was kind of shocking.
  • Apparently, we witnessed a Gypsy wedding while we were there. We were visiting a church and watched as people filed in dressed like they were ready for Halloween. It was a sight to see.
  • When you “buy a round” with people, it means that however many people in your group, is the number of drinks you’ll be having. Ex. If you buy a round for 7 people. Then those 7 people will buy a round back. There is no way of getting out of this. The point: think carefully about the size of your group before buying a round. 🙂

I think that’s all I can come up with for now. I’m already getting nostalgic about our trip and can’t believe it’s really over already. Anyway – have a good Thursday!!


So Long for a While…

I can’t believe we’re leaving for Ireland tonight!! I’m soo excited. I’m almost 100% packed and ready to go. So I’m saying goodbye for a while. We will be coming home on September 10 and then hopefully maybe I can post by September 12 with some great Ireland trip recaps!!

See you all in two weeks! 🙂

P90X Pain

Hello all. How are you? I am slowly recovering from the pain that was completing two P90X DVDs. I will admit that I was a skeptic. I thought for sure that the hype about the difficulty of P90X was all inflated.

I was wrong.

To recap, last Saturday I decided to try the Plyometrics DVD. It was a lot of jumping and cardio, lunges, squats – all the fun stuff. I was pretty sore for the next two days. So on Monday night, since I could run yet, I decided to do the Ab Ripper DVD.

The description of this DVD was very accurate. It ripped my abdominal area to shreds. I am just now (Friday) starting to feel back to normal. To be fair, I did exacerbate the pain by running at the gym on Tuesday night.

At first, the ab pain felt tolerable and my plyometrics pain seemed all but gone. Not so – it was all a mirage. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday night and woke up with searing pain in the middle of the night. My abs felt like they were convulsing and my hip sockets were extremely sore. I felt like I was back to day-one of recovery.

Wednesday I was a complete mess. I could barely stand up straight without flinching in pain and I actually looked like an 85-year-old woman as I tried to hobble around. Hubby actually took to calling me Frankenstein as I lurched my way around our apartment. I was popping ibuprofen like they were candy and nothing was helping the pain.

Today things have finally gotten better – I think just because of time and because I started stretching my abs like crazy yesterday. Every hour or so I would reach for the sky and stretch as high as possible.

So friends, I’m afraid this means my P90x exploration is done for a little while. I am obviously not in good enough shape to tackle this challenge right now. I need to focus on getting back into running and some semblance of shape before I give that another go.

Have any of you out there tried P90x? How did it go? I think other people (in better shape than me) could probably have great success with it–I’m just not in the right condition to do it now.

At this point, I’m hoping to just feel good enough to get in an easy run at some point this weekend. And to finally feel completely pain-free and recovered.

Ok – enough complaining. Besides the fact that it’s Friday, the other good news is that Hubby and I are leaving for Ireland in 9 days!! I am sooo excited – I can’t even explain how much. Next week will be a whirlwind as I try to start packing, finish up all my work at work and generally just get ready for a nice long vacation!

What has been your favorite vacation?

Right now, our honeymoon to Hawaii wins the top spot. We had such an amazing time and it was just the perfect ending to our amazing wedding. Ahh memories.

Anyway – that’s coming up and I can’t wait! For this weekend, I’m headed to a Yankees game tonight with two of my girlfriends and then I’ll try to run later in the weekend and maybe start gathering my Ireland clothes.

Whatever you’ve got planned for the weekend – I hope you have a great time!

I Admit it…I’m a Planner

Good morning all. Happy Hump Day! Except it really only feels like Tuesday since we had Monday off. Don’t ya love that?

Yesterday wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be. Anything that technically feels like Monday is never fun, but the day went by pretty fast for me. Breakfast was boring cereal – no pic.

In the afternoon, I went out into the sweltering heat to grab some lunch.

You know – my usual salad. The salad place happened to be particularly busy yesterday and my regular salad guy was trying to move quick. So he literally just started throwing all my items in without me even asking. I noticed several people giving me strange looks and then finally the guy next to me said “Don’t worry – he does the same for me too. He knows my usual. It’s kind of nice and it impresses the tourists.” Haha. It was pretty funny.

Do you have staple meals or items that you consistently eat?

For some reason, I have always been this way when it comes to my lunch salad. At my last job, my co-workers wanted to buy me my salad as a surprise for my birthday, so they actually went in with a picture of me, showed it to the salad guy and he knew exactly who I was and what I wanted immediately. Surprisingly, I never feel like I get in a salad rut either. I only eat it once or twice a week at max – so it doesn’t seem to get old.

Sorry for that random tangent. I just thought it was hysterical.

After work yesterday, I decided to head to the gym for a short run. The heat was out of control and I knew running outside would be brutal. I did a quick 3 miles in 26:14 and then finished up with some ab and arm work. I was just not feeling like working out yesterday.

Dinner last night was back to the basics – pork chops and a massive side salad.

After dinner, I spent a little time working on some of our Ireland itinerary. We are all set for Dublin and Galway. Slowly making some progress. And yes, I’m booking all of our accommodations ahead of time because I’m just not the girl that can go without having everything set. I’d love to be that spontaneous and free, but that’s just not me. I’m a planner and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if I didn’t have it all squared away.

Are you a planner or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants?

Oh and just for fun, here is one of the few pics that was actually taken this weekend.

Yup – that’s Hubby and me on a four-wheeler! My mom grew up on a farm (a real one with cows, chickens, vegetables and all that), and we go up there once or twice a year to visit with our family in that area. In case you didn’t know, the easiest form of transportation on a farm is by four-wheeler. I grew up riding on them with my older cousins, so this was like a little blast from the past…and a lot of fun! 🙂

Ok all – have a Happy Hump Day!!

Ireland, Here We Come!!

Good morning all! Happy Tuesday. Hope your Monday wasn’t too unbearable. Mine was a-okay and probably more than okay because Hubby and I officially booked our trip to Ireland!! Yahooo! We are leaving on August 29th and returning on September 10th. So feel free to send any suggestions my way! So excited. Having a vacation to look forward to just makes everything a little bit better!

What is the best vacation you’ve been on? And where was the last place you went?

Our last vacation was our honeymoon to Hawaii and it was AWESOME!! We went to Maui and Kauai and had such a great time. But that was back in October 2008, so I think we’re due for a nice little trip. Plus, I have family in Ireland that I’d love to meet and Hubby is the quintessential Irishman, with red hair and all! It’s going to be great! Now I just have to get an updated Passport. Not fun.

Other than booking our trip, yesterday was a pretty same-old-same-old day. Breakfast was some boring Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.

Lunch was a salad with a few Rice Chips on the side.

Okay, so it might have been more than a few chips. And then later in the afternoon I had a Chobani yogurt with granola.

After work I did manage to squeeze in a quick recovery run on the treadmill at the gym. I just ran 3 miles in 27:44. A nice and easy pace. But running on the treadmill seems so much harder these days.

When I got home after my quick run I made a quick dinner – a chicken breast grilled on the Foreman with a side salad. Someone had ordered this salad for Hubby for lunch and it had beets in it, which Hubby does not like. So he saved it for me.

I ate about half of the salad and saved the rest (prob for tonight). It was really delicious. Field green lettuce with beets, sliced apple and goat cheese. I drizzled some Newman’s Sesame Ginger Dressing on top.

I’m still so excited about Ireland. It’s a ways away, so I need to chill out. Plus I have a marathon on May 16th that I should be excited (or nervous) about first!  And this coming weekend we’re going to a wedding upstate – so much to look forward to!!

What are you looking forward to?

Have a great Tuesday all!