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Boston Marathon X 4?

Busy busy day here. I’ve got a work event tomorrow, so I’m just posting quickly on lunch. I wanted to see if anyone else out there who registered for the 2011 Boston Marathon, and faced registration issues, is showing multiple charges from the BAA? Right now, it’s showing pending charges for FOUR Boston Marathon registration fees of $130 each!


I have to say that I was immensely disappointed in the BAA’s system and process for registration. The page wouldn’t send my completed form, then the link went dead and I had to start over. Then each time I filled out the form and hit submit, it went back to a blank form page. They’ve been doing this HOW MANY YEARS NOW? You’d think they would have it down to a science.

So my thinking is that if they show me registering four times, lord only knows how many other people have the same thing going on. Perhaps that’s why registration filled up in 8 hours, when each person was taking about 4-10 registration slots each?!

Oh my – what a mess that would be. Can you imagine it? Maybe they will re-open registration if that is indeed the issue.

Any other Boston Marathon runners out there seeing multiple pending charges from BAA?