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No Excuses Run and Rice Pudding

Good morning everyone – happy Tuesday. We made it past dreaded Monday. My day was pretty busy yesterday, plus I had my guest post on Legally Fit. I was at an offsite meeting from about noon until 5 p.m. yesterday. By the time I got home, I definitely did not want to run.

I had some good reasons to scrap the whole running idea – I was exhausted from my hectic day, I hadn’t had a good lunch or much food throughout the day and I hadn’t hydrated well at all.

But then I decided those were all just excuses and I could manage a 4 mile run if I went at a slower pace and didn’t push it. No excuses!!

So I ran along the East River and attempted to use Garmy, but he wasn’t locating satellites quick enough and I was too impatient to wait. So I ran what I know to be about four miles, but I have no clue on time. And I felt so much better after I did my run. I was so happy I didn’t blow it off.

How do you get yourself motivated to run or exercise after a long and tiring day?

I was really just trying to remember the post-run relief and how great I would feel. I knew I would be so happy if I got out there and so mad at myself if I didn’t.

After my run, I made some soup for my still-sick Hubby and then decided to join him and had some soup myself. Then our evening was spent flipping back and forth from the football game to Dancing with the Stars. I’m not obsessed with the show, but I was interested.

I was also craving some kind of dessert. However, being that we still do not have an oven, I was limited by the options that can be made on a hot plate. I decided to make a Rice Pudding recipe from the Happy Herbivore website. It actually turned out pretty well. I only had skim milk, so I used that instead of non-dairy milk.

The final result…

It was totally yummy and made me very happy. I originally planned to go to bed early last night and get up super early and run this morning, but as usual, that did not happen. I may give it another shot on Thursday.

Today is another busy day. I’m in training all day and have a dinner date with a friend after work. I honestly don’t know where September went. Between vacation, travel, training and events, I feel like I’ve barely been around. And it’s true – I figured out yesterday that if I add it all up, I’ll only have spent about 8 days in the office in the month of September. Kind of crazy.

Anyway – have a good Tuesday all!!