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I’ve Got Gas…In a Good Way!

Any of you that have read my blog even sporadically over the past few months, a) thank you – I probably would have stopped altogether in December when I was such a lousy poster; and b) you obviously know how excited I am to have our gas back!! I must have mentioned my frustration with our lack of gas…oh just about every other post for 6 months.

I thought it only appropriate to welcome our oven/stove back into the family in a manner which adequately expressed how much I missed it… by baking muffins!

I used this recipe and made Banana Nut Muffins after being inspired by Ashley’s muffins. I used Truvia instead of white sugar and they tasted great. I only made about 6 muffins, but I must say that it was a brilliant start.

No longer will said oven/stove gather dust in the kitchen corner. No longer will I fake my way through dinner on a hot pot. No longer will the microwave play a significant role in my daily life. I vow to bake casseroles, muffins, bread, chicken and dessert like there is no tomorrow.

Anyone got some good recipes to send my way for an amazing reunion with our oven? It’s almost like a long-lost friend has finally come home.

Oh and btw – I know it sounds absurd that we did not have gas in our apartment from umm July 2010 – January 3, 2011, but we live in a co-op. Do you know what co-op really means…Do It Yourself. Oh yes. There is no management company to blame or landlord I can shake my fist at. Our apartment is self-managed. Meaning that the  14 other apartments and hubby and I are responsible for initiating repairs to the building. I haven’t been too involved in the whole gas issue, our co-op board and hubby have been handling it, but from what I hear it’s pretty tough to find good contractors in the city and we had some extensive work that needed to be done. At this point, I’m just happy it’s back at all!!

Eleven is my lucky number and I’m thinking that surely this is just the start of good things to come in 2011!