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Ode to My Oven

It’s Tuesday! I kind of wish it was Thursday though. Don’t you? I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty long and stressful week. I have two full days of training at work on Tues/Wed, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to get my other work done. I have to figure out some way to do it all. Awesome.

I am feeling 100% after my “half mary” as Katie called it. 🙂 I like that nickname. So I am planning to run at the gym tonight, since out of nowhere it is getting dark soo early. Darn it! I’m still pretty excited about the fact that I’m all signed up for Boston (pending confirmation from BAA of course). And I found out yesterday that my younger cousin is running it as well! What’s also great, is that people are volunteering left and right to come spectate and cheer me on! That’s the great thing about a fun race like Boston, everyone actually enjoys hanging around for 4 hours waiting for you because there’s a huge party going on all around them (at least that’s what I hear anyway).

Another thing that made my day yesterday was receiving these…

I’ve never gotten flowers at work before and it totally brightened my day(and made my cubicle look totally inviting). Thanks Hubby for these gorgeous anniversary roses. 🙂

Hubby had tickets to the Yankees game three of the playoffs, so our anniversary dinner is going to be on Wednesday night.

So instead, I came home and threw together the following dinner:

I know – it’s the most random thing ever. Here we’ve got some leftover chicken noodle soup, courtesy of my mama. Cucumbers and grape tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. A piece of brown bread and apple cider.

Besides just having strange cravings, our gas in the building is STILL not working, which means outroven and stove don’t work at all. Let me tell you, when it is back on, there is going to be a flurry of cooking going on in our apartment. I am seriously missing my oven/stove. I even started composing an “Ode to my Oven” in my head in the shower this morning. We bought a hot plate, so it’s kind of like I have  stove, but it cooks things really unevenly and takes forever to heat up. 😦 I think I’m going to break out the crock pot on Thursday for some minor salvation.

Anyone have some good crock pot recipes to share?

Ok – that’s it for today. Hope you have a great Tuesday all! And remember to never take your oven for granted. 🙂 Bake something on my behalf.