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I Love My Garmin!!

Happy Saturday! I’m not feeling too great today. But first let me recap the rest of yesterday.

After breakfast yesterday, we cleaned up a bit and then I headed out for a run along the East River to test out my new Garmin. It was 42 degrees outside which sounded absolutely warm to me. I have a few “usual routes” that I run along the river, each with a different distance. I set out to run what I thought was my 4.7 mile run: from the apartment down to about 64 street near the dog park and then up to the big dock that juts out, probably around 100-110 street.

I started out my run and immediately  was looking at my watch. Then I decided to just let things go for a bit and see what happened. At 1 mile it beeped at me and I looked down to see my speed. I love the little mile alerts. Here are my run stats:

Mile 1: 8:29
Mile 2: 8:24
Mile 3: 8:50 (oops – darn stairs)
Mile 4: 8:28
Mile 5: 8:33
.2 miles: 2:05
Total mileage: 5.2 in 44:52

I feel like I ran this much faster than I normally do because I had the Garmin. To be fair, I did run faster at one point when this boy passed me acting all cool with his keys jangling annoyingly (I ran sans iPod for some reason) and then shortly after he stopped to walk, so I passed him and turned around and then he turned around too and was jingly right behind me again, obviously trying to pass me for the second time. Didn’t happen. Wow – I think this Garmin and my sense of competitiveness could be a dangerous combination.

It actually felt like a tough run – I think because I wasn’t 100% and because of the large breakfast I ate – I was burping sausage for the first half of the run. After my run, I proceeded to cough incessantly for a while. Maybe I pushed it.

When I got home from my run I snacked on some Chobani yogurt with granola and some tea to calm my raging throat.

A little while later, before we started our cleaning, I also had a Larabar.

Oh my – look at my awful nails. This flavor was okay. It wasn’t as bad as Ginger Snap, but Pecan Pie is still my favorite of the ones I’ve tried to date.

For the remainder of the afternoon the Hubby and I cleaned the apartment and put away all the Christmas decorations. There is still more cleaning and laundry to do today. Boo.

For dinner, I decided I needed some veggies after my pizza dinner the night before. I made a giant salad with Mediterranean lettuce, carrots, cheddar cheese, walnuts, raisins, and cucumber. I covered it with some balsamic vinegar. I also had a side of blackberries.

Up close

And then I finished the night with a nice glass of Cabernet.

I am definitely a red wine girl – I used to be white, but in the past few years I’ve switched.

If you drink wine, do you like red or white? What’s your favorite kind? I’ve been liking Pino Noir lately.

I’m hoping that maybe by later this afternoon I’ll start to feel better, but my throat is killing me right now and I’m feeling exhausted. Have a good Saturday all.