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Stupid Sickness and Lead Legs

Hi there – I’ve been MIA for a bit, but that is not so unusual for me. This time thought, it was not just because I was lazy or busy, or feeling busy even though I could probably squeeze some blogging in. This time I was SICK. Sick like I haven’t been in years. I pride myself on being a pretty healthy person…and may even be a bit unsympathetic to people who are  out sick often. “Take your vitamins, eat right, exercise and you probably won’t have those problems” – I’m often known to think in my head. Yeah – I can be harsh. And probably unduly so.

But after this past week of suffering, I will certainly try to be more sympathetic and understanding when other people are ill.

So what got me down? Strep throat. EEK! Yes, I tend to run away from people when I hear this too. It’s contagious, it’s obnoxious – in short – it’s the pits. And that’s exactly how I felt for almost a full week. The symptoms started coming on last Saturday night when we were in Utica, NY visiting the in-laws. I had finished my 13-mile run earlier in the day (it went pretty well) and was feeling all legit and athletic…and then my throat got scratchy.

Like a true stubborn Taurus, I refused to believe anything was wrong and continued on in the same manner – running 6 miles in Utica on Monday when we had the day off. We headed back to NYC later in the afternoon on Monday and as I chatted with my mom on the phone, I admitted my throat issue. She saw the warning signs. She told me to go to the doc ASAP, but I kind of just listened and pretended that she was overreacting. I was NOT sick.

But then I was. I made it to work on Tuesday and through the entire exhausting day (we had an all-day video shoot that required running around and coordinating). And then on the way home I crashed. I thought about stopping into urgent care, but once again my stubborn side won out and convinced my better judgement that a good night’s sleep was all I needed.

Again – WRONG. I went to bed at 7 p.m. and woke up for work with nausea, a raging sore throat, and overall weakness. To the doc I went, and he told me what I knew but didn’t want to know – I had Strep Throat. Blah. Back to bed I went.

And so the rest of the week for running was shot. I feel like I slept for five days. From Tuesday through Saturday, I was pretty much a mess. And then just when I started to get really upset and convince myself that it wasn’t strep throat, but something more serious – like mono or cancer – I awoke on Sunday feeling…better! I wasn’t 100% and actually still don’t think I am yet, but I could swallow without wincing, I didn’t need to sleep 18 of the 24 hours in the day, and I even had a little appetite.

So I ran. Yes, I know it’s probably not the best thing to do. But I needed to get out of the house, and I went SUPER slow. And I felt better afterward. I ran 5.5 miles at an unbearably slow pace to top out at a whopping 11.5 miles for the week! So sad, but what are you gonna do?

But now it’s a new week and I have been attacking it head on. I ran last night after work and was so excited for what I hoped would be a fabulous run….and it sucked. I felt like I had lead strapped to my legs the WHOLE time. It was kind of ridiculous. I was sad after I finished the short but painful 3.5 miles and tried to cheer myself up by watching The Bachelor. Only to find myself cursing at the t.v. and telling said Bachelor how dumb he is. And so I went to bed with high hopes of a fabulous morning run.

Strike two for the fabulous run happened at 6:05 this morning when the lead legs returned. In full force. Seriously – what the heck?! It was awful yet again. I have never felt so heavy and slow in my life. Within the first few steps, I knew I was in for a tough run, so I had that conversation with myself where I try to justify cutting the run short. And then my willpower tried to overtake my fear and it was an all-out fight the entire time. When I managed to finish 4 miles (feeling still sooo crappy), my willpower won out and convinced my fear that two more miles wouldn’t be that bad.

I powered through those 6 miles this morning (it was a gorgeous morning btw), but it was a sad finish. I felt heavy and soggy and defeated…but also the slight twinge of runner’s high. And that’s why I’ll suffer through the next lead run and the next and the next…until hopefully I shake the lead out. Because at the end of the day, no matter how crappy I run, I still feel better than if I hadn’t gone at all.

But still – I want to get the lead out. How do I get the lead out? Help!!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Good morning all! I feel very refreshed today for two reasons: 1) I went to bed last night at 9:30, and 2) It’s my birthday today!!

To be honest, I haven’t really gotten very excited about my birthday in a while, but I am feigning the excitement for you all. I’m not sure what if any birthday plans I have for tonight – maybe go out to dinner or at the very least, convince Hubby to make me dinner. 

 As far as a recap of yesterday, breakfast was very good. Oatmeal with banana and peanut butter in my brand new bowl that my momma gave me for my birthday (thank you!). The old red ones were looking atrocious and she agreed it was time to retire them.

Lunch was a peanut butter and apricot jelly sammy (I am loving the apricot lately). I also had a side of carrots.

My afternoon snacks were a blueberry Chobani yogurt and an apple. Boring – no pics.

After work, Hubby and I set out for a nice WINDY run along the East River promenade. I swear, every time I run with my husband the weirdos come out: the man talking to himself and gesticulating, the strange girl dancing enthusiastically by herself and singing, the car that veered off the road unexpectedly and came to a screeching halt, etc. Seriously, every time we run together we encounter strange people.

My Garmin was acting up and didn’t start working until more than .5 miles into our run. Here are our stats from our 4+ mile run, of which only part was captured.

Mile 1 – 8:33
Mile 2 – 8:03
Mile 3 – 8:27
.86 – 6:54

Total mileage – 3.86 in 31:59. Average pace – 8:17 minute miles.

I think in total, we probably ran about 4.5 miles. I am taking tonight off as a rest day and a birthday treat.

After our run, I had planned to make chicken and rice and soon realized we had no rice. Second choice was chicken and pasta. I also threw some carrots into the mix as well.

After dinner, Bill proceeded to become engrossed in the Stanley Cup hockey game and I think Murphy wanted some attention. When Bill finally picked him up, he showed off a little bit.

Big kitty stretch!

Like I said, my night ended pretty quickly when I turned in at 9:30 p.m. I was exhausted from getting very little sleep on Sunday night. I am feeling a little more rested and awake today.

So what about you guys? What is the best birthday you can remember? And what do you like to do on your b-day?

Have a great day all!

Dealing with Doubts

Good morning all. How is your Tuesday going? So far mine is okay. I went to bed at a decent hour last night, so I was able to catch up on some of my sleep. However, Mr. Murphy did try to get me up at 5:00 a.m. this morning, which was not appreciated. I really hate when he decides he wants some attention bright and early in the morning.

Did everyone make it through their Monday okay? Mine was a little tough because I was so exhausted. I started off the day with an easy breakfast because I had zero motivation – Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with almond milk and cranberry juice.

It wasn’t a thrilling breakfast, but it was all I could manage. I trudged through the day still feeling a little bit sore from my 20 mile run on Saturday. I didn’t even change out of my sneakers once I got to work.

Lunch was also less than exciting. It was some Triscuits with Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese and a small bag of carrots.

My afternoon snacks were Chobani yogurt with Kashi Go Lean Cereal and an unphotographed apple.

As the work day came to a close I actually started dreading my run for that evening. I was contemplating moving my 8 mile run up to last night because there was a threat of rain on the radar, but once I got home and changed I knew that 5 miles was going to be my max.

I set out for a run along the East River and hoped my lingering soreness wouldn’t make things too difficult. After a few minutes my legs actually started feeling better – maybe I was working some of the residual tightness out. Here are my stats from the run:

Mile 1 – 8:23
Mile 2 – 8:09
Mile 3 – 8:11
Mile 4 – 8:01
Mile 5 – 8:11

Total mileage – 5.05 miles in 41:20. Average pace was 8:11 minute miles.

I’m glad I forced myself to get out there. I was really thinking about taking another rest day. Hopefully today I can will myself out for my 8 mile run. For some reason, 8-mile mid-week runs have been sounding so daunting as of late. But the truth is, my marathon training schedule isn’t half as intense as some other runners I follow. My highest weekly mileage of my training is scheduled for next week and it’s only 45 miles. I follow this runner, who is tapering now and has 50 miles as part of her taper plan!! Or this runner who crushes long runs left and right, even when she’s NOT training for a marathon.

It leads me to question if I’m doing or have done enough to help push me toward a BQ. I know that each runner is different and that for me, running really high mileage would put a lot of strain on my body (not mention being able to find the time). I’m running more miles this time around than I did for my first marathon training – that is for sure. But I’m nowhere near an average of 55-70 miles a week, like other runners who have qualified for Boston.  

Plus, I was chatting with one of Hubby’s bestfriends this weekend and he told me he has a few friends who participate in triathalons and couldn’t qualify for Boston. Eeek – what makes me think I can come even close to qualify if these tough and toned athletes couldn’t do it?!

As you can tell, I’m having some doubts and starting to get pretty nervous. How do you cope with doubts/nerves about upcoming races or goals you’ve set?

After my run I rolled my legs out a bit with my marathon stick and it felt AMAZING!! Then I made us an easy dinner of pork chops with a side salad on the George Foreman.

A little A-1 sauce on the side. BTW – I love A-1. I could put it on anything, much like ketchup. Mmm soo good!

Then for dessert I ate a pusty.

I’m pretty sure this is an upstate NY dessert. Hubby’s mom picked up some pusties while we were there this weekend and sent two home with us. It’s basically a small custard pie with various fillings. Hubby and I both love the vanilla-filled pusties. I think the name “pusty” sounds kind of weird, but they are really delicious.

Exhaustion began to take over shortly after dinner. I made it until around 9:45 and then called it quits.

I hope you all have a nice Tuesday – hopefully my 8 miler tonight isn’t too painful. Have a good one!