Quiet Weekend

So my Saturday is coming to a close. It’s already 7:20 p.m. and I don’t know where the day has gone. I started the day with some pilates because the weather outside was, well frightful – pouring rain all day.

After pilates I ate breakfast (oatmeal) and also had some blackberries that I picked up on sale at the store last night. They were delicious! I only wish more came in a package (that’s the whole thing)!


I spent the rest of the afternoon doing lots of laundry and dealing with some co-op drama (you don’t want to know). Then I decided it was finally time for me to write my marathon recap, so I’d have a record of the race before I forget all the details.

Writing it made me think back on the day and my training and if there is anything I would have done differently. My conclusion: I think I would have upped my longest distance run a bit from 20 miles to 22 miles. Hitting that wall at 21 miles was excruciating. It was like my body was shocked that I would try to run farther than 20 miles.

I’ve had a dull headache for most of the afternoon, but part of me wants to suck it up and go out to meet up with two of my friends downtown. The other part of me wants to do what Murphy did all day…


I’ve got a jam-packed week ahead of me filled with: two dinners with friends (one from out of town), a book reading by John Irving, creating my halloween costume, and prepping for a friend to stay with me next weekend to cheer on another friend running the NYC Marathon! Phew.

Making it out tonight in the pouring rain is seeming less and less likely…

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