Productive Sunday

My Sunday has been very productive so far – filled with eating and running, and probably some reading later. I started off the day with some oatmeal (topped with Agave nectar), a few raisins, light cranberry juice and tea.


After breakfast, I finished up the last load of laundry (I don’t know how we go through so many clothes), vacuumed and cleaned the apartment, and then decided it was time for a run.

I can’t believe I haven’t run at all since the marathon two weeks ago. (BTW – that is NOT recommended. I definitely should have been running easy). I decided before I even left the apartment that I would take it slow. Then I realized that I had left both of my running watches at my parent’s house after the marathon. So I wouldn’t be able to time myself even if I wanted.

I ended up running about 5 miles and it didn’t feel too bad. But I could definitely tell my endurance and speed had declined a bit, even with only two weeks of inactivity. If I had to guess, I’d say I ran for about 46-47 minutes.

During my run, I also got a chance to see some of the costumed dogs participating in a costume contest at the East River Dog Park. They were hysterical and I was wishing I had my camera. It was such a gorgeous run too – 60 degrees out!

Dinner for tonight is homemade chicken noodle soup. It’s a recipe my mom gave me and I loved! I posted it in the recipes section. It was delicious and now we have lots of leftovers!



Now it’s time to read a bit before the Giants game and wait for Bill to get home!! Have a great Sunday night.


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