Irving and Candy Corn

It was a dreary and cold Tuesday, making it very hard to get up in the morning. When it rains there are sometimes subway issues, so I left the house early and got to work super early. As I put away all my things, I looked down at my “food drawer” and wondered if other people have similar drawers/areas at their offices.


It looks kind of crazy right? But am I right in thinking other people must have similar-looking drawers? I need to snack at work. That’s my question of the day – do you have a snack drawer and if yes, what’s in it? Leave a comment and let me know!

Even though it was rainy outside, I had to venture out for something important: John Irving’s newest book, Last Night in Twisted River. I never buy hardcover books – NEVER. But I made an exception for two reasons: 1) I’m going to his book reading Thursday night and am secretly hoping he will sign it (do they do that?); 2) I had Borders Rewards Bucks that were soon to expire, so the hefty price didn’t hurt as much.

I generally only like to read one book at a time (reading David Copperfield now), but I think I have to break that rule and start reading Twisted River so I’ll have some clue what’s going on at the book reading. I’ll let you know if it’s good (both the book and the reading)!


Lunch was my “usual” salad: romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, cheddar cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, and peas with balsamic dressing. A random smattering of items for sure. But it’s my staple salad – so much so that the salad man knows my selections by heart and starts throwing them in without my even asking. I’m a creature of habit in some respects. Not always a good thing. I also had some yummy Greek yogurt. I was wary of the pineapple flavor, but it was GREAT!


After work I hit the gym and did 3 miles of intervals, sit-ups and core exercise. I had to stop at CVS for a few things and I ended up coming out with these:


I have a serious addiction to them. Bill’s mom buys a bag for me every year at the start of the season and then I generally proceed to buy 4-5 more! I figured this will likely be the last bag of the season. I’m going to try to eat them slow. Question: Do you ever get weird-tasting candy corn or is that just me? Sometimes some of the pieces will just taste a little off. I usually still eat them anyway though 🙂


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