Finding the Perfect Parade Perch

Today was a good day for three reasons: 1) It’s Friday! 2) Bill is finally coming home, and 3) The Yankees Ticker Tape Parade!!

This morning I tried a new breakfast concoction that didn’t go so well: oatmeal, vanilla Greek yogurt and peanut butter. What was I thinking right? I was thinking I really like all three, so why not put them together? It wasn’t great. What are some things you like to mix with your oatmeal?


I ate it, but didn’t enjoy it very much.

I headed to work and as soon as I got off the subway in downtown Manhattan (right near Bowling Green) I was bombarded by Yankee fans – already! At 8:30 a.m. I made it into work, but could hear the cheers and yelling from my office. My co-workers and I could barely stand it – we wanted to go out so bad!

Finally, around 10:30 we gave in and headed downstairs. I was happy I brought my new Canon Rebel XSi to work with me today. I was unhappy however, when we got outside and saw that it was packed and we could barely see a thing. Being 5’1 is a terrible disadvantage in times like these.

And I had a particular reason why I really wanted some decents pics: Bill was stuck in training in Westchester today and was so upset he couldn’t make it to the parade. He loves the Yankees! So I felt like I needed to capture the event for him.

I was becoming desperate and looking everywhere for a higher spot. Then I saw a bunch of guys climbing a fence to get into a windowsill about 1 story high. There was still some room left up there with them. I turned to my co-workers and told them I was going up. I turned to the group of guys and asked ever so nicely if they could hoist me up. And they did!

Here are some pics from the parade. I’ll post a lot more on Picasa.





It was soo crazy and I was thrilled with my spot. But eventually I saw my co-workers kind of motioning that we needed to go. Afterall, we were technically “working.”

Slight problem. Almost immediately after I got up on the ledge, I wondered “how the heck am I going to get down?” It was a pretty big drop. My co-workers (Tara, Tiffany and Reena) came over to help and Tiffany offered to “catch me.” I could definitely see her “catching me” ending up with me landing on her head and crushing her. I hesistated and then this 6’5 guy (who happened to be friends with all the guys on the ledge and saw my dilemma) came over and I basically fell on him to get down.

My descent was kind of hysertical, but at the same time kind of heart-warming because all these unknown New Yorkers below me stepped up to help get me down. New Yorkers are the best! But I do have a slight war wound from my attempt to scale the building:


It was definitely worth it!

After I scrambled down from my ledge, we went for lunch at a tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Tajin. I had a chicken burrito and it was yummy:


The rest of the work day was uneventful. Then after work I headed home to finally see my long-lost hubby! I heated up the leftover pasta from last night for our dinner tonight.


We’re going to a wedding in Albany tomorrow night and then I’m watching my friend Stephanie run a 15k in Schenectady on Sunday. Hopefully I can find time to blog as well… but we’ll see.


4 responses to “Finding the Perfect Parade Perch

  1. Yay Yankees!!! It is so hard being a Yankees fan in New England. Ugh. They are such bad losers. 😉

    Lately I’m loving almond butter and pumpkin butter in my oatmeal…. so delish!

  2. Oh, oatmeal…I used to mix in a spoonful of frozen juice concentrate. Yum.

  3. i freaking hate oatmeal… don’t eat it 🙂 it’s a texture thing with me…. there are so many foods i just don’t like the texture of!

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