Where Did the Weekend Go?

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already! This weekend flew by. We headed up to Albany on Friday night after work and pretty much just went to bed when we got there.

Saturday morning I got up around 9:00 (nice to sleep in a bit) and started laundry and had some breakfast. Breakfast was oatmeal with flax seed and banana with coffee.


Before we knew it, it was almost time to head out for the wedding. Bill’s co-worker Tom was getting married in Hudson Falls at 2:00 p.m. Tom actually helped set the two of us up way back when.

The reception was held at a really cute farm in upstate New York. When we got there, we ran into two girls with whom I went to high school and ran cross country/track (Jen and Michelle). Turns out they are Tom’s cousins. Small world.

Dinner was great – salad, chicken, roasted potatoes, pasta, etc. Unfortunately, I did not take any food pics at the wedding. Sorry! But here are two people pics:



We also happened to sit at a table with a guy who is an organic food distributor. He primarily supplies upstate restaurants and businesses, but has recently seen a lot of interest from businesses in New York City. It was great to hear that a healthy food business is thriving. I’ve been trying to eat as naturally as possible and I’m glad to know that it’s something restaurants are starting to focus on.

Here is his website: H. Childress and Sons

How do you incorporate natural foods into your diet? How often do you buy organic?

The wedding was a great time – we headed out around midnight.

Sunday morning I was up early to watch my friend Stephanie run the Stockadathon 15k with her friend Jeannette in Schenectady. I munched on some delicious pumpkin bread my mother made and a banana before heading out.


Jenny and I went to Jess and Bob’s house, approx. the 2 mile mark of the race, to cheer them on. I had a nice big cup of coffee and Jess, Bob and Jenny had some yummy-looking bagels (unfortunately I don’t really like bagels).


Desmond was also hanging out with us:


And then the runners came!


Jenny’s uncle also happened to be running the race and was right in front of Steph and Jeannette. Don’t they look so chipper?!

After they passed, we finished up our breakfast and headed over to the finish. They did great!!

Do you have a running buddy? How do you stay together during races? Do you always stay together or only during some races?


The weather was gorgeous and the runners inspired me, so I went for an hour-long run when I got back to my parent’s house. I even managed to work in a few big hills. Then I snacked on a few things:



Soon it was time to head back home – hard to believe the weekend was over already! When we got back to the city I had an easy and quick dinner of Amy’s Organic Pasta and Three Bean Soup, celery with peanut butter, a clementine.


Now time for bed!!


4 responses to “Where Did the Weekend Go?

  1. peanutbutterfingers

    omg your cat is too cute! i love that pic!

    • It’s actually my friend’s adorable cat! My cat (Murphy) is a tabby. He occasionally makes an appearance on my blog though!

      • thank you thank you!! he’s mine 🙂 well not just mine… mine and my fiance’s… and man, that was the 1st time i’ve used that word 🙂 too funny! we love him, even though he’s a maniac! and murphy is one cutie too….

  2. Seriously, where did the weekend go? How is it Monday! Arggh! 🙂

    I do have a running buddy – my boyfriend – we generally just stay together but that’s only because he’s so wonderful to me. He really IS faster than me. But it helps to have someone there to motivate for sure.

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