A Bloggy Dinner in the City

You know the drill – it’s Wednesday, but my Tuesday night recap comes first. After work last night, I headed to Candle Cafe on the UES to meet up with Megan and Chelsea, two other local bloggers, and Darien and Courtney – local blog readers! I’m constantly reading Megan and Chelsea’s sites for interesting recipes and running tips.

It was so nice to get together with these welcoming and interesting ladies. I really enjoyed my meal: the Ginger-Miso Stir Fry. And everyone elses’ dinner looked and smelled amazing as well. Here’s my dinner and the two other bloggies snapping away!

Aren’t we so cute?!

(This photo courtesy of Megan – thank you!)

Our convo was all over the place: food, running, blogging, reading blogs, restaurants in the city, etc. It was nice to hear everyone’s perspectives and finally meet Megan and Chelsea in person. Hopefully we can all do it again soon and maybe even plan a run in the near future!

I left our dinner party pretty full and tired. I headed home and watched the hubby pack for his trip to Utica and then headed to bed early. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here… as is Bill’s Birthday!!

This morning’s breakfast was oatmeal with FlaxPlus Granola, pumpkin butter and blueberries.

Lunch was leftovers from the Sunday night (it was time to finish them up): rice and beans with onion and corn. It actually really hit the spot. I also had some Greek yogurt (honey flavor) with oats. I’ve never tried the honey flavor before (I don’t know why), but the hubby picked it up for me and so I gave it a whirl. Pretty tasty.

Snacks for the afternoon will be carrots, two clementines and probably a few chippers.

I’m hitting up the gym tonight to add some POTM miles to my list and to train for the Turkey Trot, which is not so far away! Dreaded treadmill here I come!!

Happy to see this headline: USDA Backs Rewarding Schools Serving Healthy Food

Wary of this headline: New U.S. Guidelines: Routine Mammograms Start at 50 (instead of 40)


14 responses to “A Bloggy Dinner in the City

  1. Yay for turkey trots and blogger meet-ups! Sounds like a great time 🙂

  2. I love bloggy meetups! It’s so nice to be around other people taking pictures 🙂

  3. Looks like it was a fun night! Gotta love when others love food as much as you!

  4. Good luck on upcoming turkey trot! Is it hear in in the city or upstate?

    That picture of Megan and me beaming at our food with cameras is pretty funny. Haha.

  5. Blog dinners are great – freedom to appreciate your food to the fullest and be as snap-happy as you want!!

  6. That is so cool you had a blogger meet up! I’m envious!

  7. hi lindsey!
    it was great meeting you. definitely looking forward to future get togethers 🙂 i think next time i go to candle cafe i’ll need to the miso ginger tofu! your picture looks absolutely beautiful.

  8. Is it weird that I feel really left out even though you had no idea I even existed?! Haha. Next time!

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