Cold Weather Weekend Warrior

Happy Saturday! I’m going to try to make this a quick post because I have laundry to do and possibly some cookies to make. I was up early this morning to meet Katherine for a 7:30 a.m. run in Central Park. I’m a baby when it comes to running in the cold weather and usually find an excuse not to go when the thermometer dips below 30 degrees. Well, this morning I knew I had no choice since I was meeting someone. This was my outfit for the weather, but then at the last minute I threw on another long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve, so this isn’t 100% accurate.

Before I headed out I ate a granola bar and some triscuits with peanut butter.

And please note the temperature when I headed out: 27 degrees (okay, almost 28)! Cold weather warrior!

I think our run went really well. It was the first time we’d run together, so finding the right pace can take some time, but I think we hit our stride soon after we entered the park. And it was certainly COLD! It was a bit shocking for me for the first few minutes, but once we were moving constantly I began to heat up. Katherine is an established winter runner, having run in Pennsylvania and Boston, so she gave me some helpful tips along the way. Thanks for the great run and tips Katherine!! Here’s what we ran:

1 mile to the park
6 mile Central Park loop
1.6 mile reservoir loop
1 mile from the park back home
Estimated total: 9.5 – 9.6 miles

What are some of your favorite cold weather running tips? My face was really cold throughout the run. Does anyone wear a face covering?

I have no clue how fast we ran any of this because I’m pretty sure I left my running watch up at my parent’s house again. Oh how I wish I had a Garmin!

That was this morning and here’s a brief recap of yesterday.

The Hubby took some pics of the Gossip Girl trailer area right outside our apartment door on Friday. I also saw them taping last night when I got home around 8 p.m., but couldn’t see any of the characters.

Do you know who Desi and Lucy are? I’m assuming they are some GG characters right?

Breakfast yesterday morning was some Kashi Heart to Heart with almond milk and blackberries.

My mid-morning snack was tea and a Larabar. I was so cold, I wanted something comforting and this was perfect!

I had to venture out in the cold to get some lunch and I didn’t feel like thinking too much, so I grabbed my usual salad: romaine lettuce, carrots, walnuts, dried cranberries, peas and cheddar cheese.

My afternoon snack was Greek yogurt with granola and the leftover clementines from yesterday.

After work, I decided to meet up with my friend for happy hour. We went to a dive bar in the West Village and I had one beer. I knew I had to get up early to run and I very rarely go out on Friday nights.

When I got home I made a quick dinner of multi-grain pasta with marinara sauce to help fuel my early-morning run.

And my dessert was my new fave again:

I think I was in bed and asleep by about 10:45 last night. I did have to get up once in the middle of the night because I heard Murphy playing with a tree ornament. I managed to find the ornament and wire hook in my sleep walk and non-contact blindness and then went right back to bed.

I’ve got another fun blogger run tomorrow morning – yay! The rest of Saturday will be some housekeeping, relaxing and maybe a movie tonight. Enjoy your weekend!


11 responses to “Cold Weather Weekend Warrior

  1. FYI when I tracked out our run it came out closer to 10.4 miles, which, first of all, is awesome. Second, we ran for 92 minutes. If we actually did 10.4 miles in 92 minutes, I might have to run with you every single day b/c WOW!!

    • Wow really?!! That is awesome. Yeah I had no clue how long we were running for, but I knew it was a while. I can’t believe we ran that far and that fast – it felt fast, but also okay. That makes me feel a bit better about my upcoming half. Thanks for the great run – I am game for another one anytime! And maybe after Christmas I’ll have a fancy Garmin to track our run (I hope!).

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  4. Thanks for meeting me at happy hour! Despite the fact that you were planning on running in the cold the following day….And now you’re sick!!! Do I see a correlation?!?
    Drink beer with me and run less.. haha just kidding keep it up friend!

    • I’m feeling much better today – thank you very much! 🙂 I do not blame the run at all. But I will most certainly drink beer with you as often as possible.

  5. Desi & Lucy are not GG “characters,” lol! Can you tell me where they’re from?

    • Well why the heck would the GG trailers have “I Love Lucy” character names on them?! I thought it was just a coincidence and since I don’t watch the show, had no clue. 🙂

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