What to do, What to do…

Good morning all! Happy Thursday – this week is almost done. Mine has been very busy – how about yours?

Marathon Dilemma

So I want to share my dilemma with you all and get your thoughts. I would really like to qualify for the 2011 Boston Marathon. My first marathon time was 3:54:57, so I have to do some good training to get to 3:40:00. My dilemma is when to run my next marathon.

Initially, I was looking at Fall 2010. However, my husband and I want to plan a trip to Ireland this September and I’m fearful that the trip will interrupt my training and potentially throw it so off course that I won’t qualify. We’d be going for 10 days and I would likely not be running at all.

So my latest idea is to potentially run a spring/early summer marathon in May 2010. I’ve found one in the Poconos that is supposed to be a pretty fast course. But, that would mean my training needs to start…like tomorrow.

So what do you think? Go for the spring or fall marathon?

I should also note that I’ll be running a half marathon toward the end of January and the end of April – so that may help with my speed and training for a May run.  

Ok – let me know what you think. Now on to my eats:

Breakfast yesterday was oatmeal with banana, almond butter and agave.

For lunch I finished up the rest of the leftover tomato-basil soup with some carrots.

Snacks were some Fage Strawberry Greek yogurt with granola (don’t really enjoy their packaging) and two prunes.

Yeah I know, those prunes look gross. But they are pretty decent snacks. I also had an unpictured apple before the work-day ended as well. Then I headed to the gym.

Inspired by my marathon dreams, I tried to run a fast four miles on the treadmill at the gym.

4 miles in 33:20

Not too terrible. Then I did some ab work and grabbed 5-pound weights to do some arm work.

I headed home and threw together a quick dinner. I spotted some Spinach Gnocchi at the store the other day and picked them up. These little buggers are fat-free, but a little bit high in carbohydrates. I made a small batch with some marinara sauce and a side of broccoli sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Up close is better…

I am slightly obsessed with these gnocchi. They were so chewy and delicious. I could have eaten way more than I did. I think they would definitely make for good running fuel.

Now the question is – when will I be running? Help!!

Have a nice Thursday all – talk to you tomorrow (FRIDAY!!)!

P.S. – I promise a book review is coming soon. And I am really enjoying the next book I’ve started.


15 responses to “What to do, What to do…

  1. Gnocchi is one pasta I have a serious weakness for! I just bought some sweet potato gnocchi to try out (it caught my eye at the grocery store- I couldn’t pass it up!) I’ll have to try the spinach…

  2. Mmmmm gnocchi. So delicious!

    As far as the marathon goes, I think it’s just a matter of being realistic. If you think you can improve your pace that much between now and May, I’d say go for it. But you also want to enjoy the process and if every day between now and the race is riddled with anxiety over your pace, it won’t be a fun experience. What about a marathon that would fall just AFTER you get back from Ireland so the trip is your natural taper time? Or hunt for a late September race?

  3. I think you should go for the spring marathon, then if you miss the bq-time, you might be able to try again in the late fall – what about Philly in November??

  4. My vote is for the spring marathon!

  5. peanutbutterfingers

    isn’t gnocchi amazing!? i’m obsessed!!!

  6. I’m not a runner by any means….but I say just do what your gut tells you. Don’t try and push yourself if you don’t feel you would be ready by spring.

    Love gnocchi! Had it for the first time this summer:)

  7. I know I’m new here, but wanted to comment on your little dilemma. I think the May one sounds like a better idea. You don’t want to put stress on yourself during a vacation and you have to take vacay opportunities when you can in my book. As someone else said, if you don’t think you would be ready then you could always change up your plans too. Go for it! 🙂

    PS – I love reading and look forward to your review.

    • Thanks so much for your feedback Tina – I appreciate it. I am definitely weighing all these factors and ideas. I think I’m going to make my decision tomorrow. And I’m trying to get my review up tomorrow as well!

  8. Ireland is a GREAT place to run! I am currently training for Boston and leaving for Galway tomorrow (my husband is from Ireland so we go a lot). I think if you listen to yourself you will know whats best! And CONGRATS on being so fast!! Good luck whatever you decide and if you ever need Ireland travel advice let me know, this is my 12th (13th?) trip and I lived there for 8 months 🙂

    • Thank you! I will most certainly hit you up for some Ireland advice, since you’re offering. We are so excited to plan this trip and that’s part of the reason I know I won’t be able to run there. Where have SO MUCH we want to do and so many places we want to visit. There will be little – if any – time for running. I’ll be in contact soon will lots of questions. Thanks!

  9. Hi Lindsey! I love gnocchi! I can never turn it down.

    I’ve never trained for a marathon but I have been to Ireland! It is gorgeous. Personally, if I had to fit training in on my trip I probably would have been stressed about it and not have enjoyed myself as much. Using the vacay as a taper is a good idea. I would still vote for the spring marathon though- you can definitely do it!

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