I Love an Extra Day Off

Good morning. I hope everyone is having a good Monday and that those of you who have it off are taking full advantage of the extra rest day. I love having a day off and then a 4-day week – it’s great. Plus, when it’s a busy and fun-filled weekend (like this weekend has been) it really helps to have one more to catch up.

When I last posted, I just finished a 9-mile run with Katherine and was heading out to a bachelorette party at Foxwoods Casino. Before I left I ate a second breakfast after our good run. I had a granola bar, a clementine (two pictured, but I only ate one), a big glass of water and a coffee.

And let me warn you now – I was a bad blogger from here on out with taking photos of our food. I was more interested in taking pictures of all my friends and the fun we were having. Food photos kind of were forgotten.

I drove with Rachael from NYC to Foxwoods and was amazed at how HUGE it is!! It’s like its own little world. This was my first time attending a bachelorette at a casino and it was fun! We got there and got changed and headed to the bride’s room for some pre-dinner fun. Here are some of the goodies and games we had going on.

I definitely snacked on some tostitos with salsa and had two drinks before we left. We also had a bachelorette celebratory shot – and it hurt. I don’t do shots.

We headed to a Mexican restaurant in the casino and started off with appetizers – nachos were a must!

These were pretty darn good! There was also so great guacamole going around, as well as pitchers of margaritas. For my main meal, I shared a chicken burrito with my friend Tera and it was the perfect amount of food. Then we took a lovely group picture!

And a few of the girls got a little bit silly in the back there! It was the margaritas.

And here is Stephanie, me, Kelly (the bride-to-be) and Tera enjoying ourselves.

It was a great night. We followed dinner up with some dancing in one of the casino clubs and we were there until they turned the lights on and kicked everyone out. I haven’t danced in a while, so I was fully enjoying myself. That is the latest I have been out in a very long time. Many drinks were had, but I don’t have an exact count – my head was definitely hurting the next day.

Sunday was a lazy day for me. We drove home and I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching t.v. and I also watched Julie and Julia finally!

It was such a cute movie. I loved being able to relate to the blogging aspect of it and trying to cook new foods. I’m just about the last person to see this movie, but still, if you haven’t seen it – I recommend it.

I didn’t take many food pics on Sunday because I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t have the motivation. I went to bed early and am planning on making today a productive day – laundry, cleaning and hopefully a short run.

What do you like to do on days off – relax and lounge or get errands and “to-dos” done?

Whatever you like to do, I hope you enjoy the day off, if you have it off!


7 responses to “I Love an Extra Day Off

  1. Glad that you have fun! I love that you all wore black so the bride stood out in her colorful shirt. I’m loving my day off too. I love doing nothing, but then I feel guilty for just vegging- so I stick to a balance of both. Today I’ve gone for a run, done laundry, ran through a presentation (to dos) and also read magazines/blogs/my new book (productive for my sanity).

    btw those nachos look amaze- I bet they were awesome! enjoy the rest of your night 🙂

  2. Had a blast girlie! It was great seeing you and I had soooooo much fun dancing. I totally blogged about it. I’m such a nerd. Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I usually like to have a variety of activities for my weekends or random days off. Today, I started with dog walk, 3 loads of laundry and cooking some basics for the week. Then, I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Happy Herbivore taking food photos and now I’m “studying” aka blog reading!

  4. Your not the last person to see Julie & Julia….I STILL haven’t seen it! My husband isn’t much of a movie watcher, so I always have to find time when he isn’t around to watch them!

  5. Good pictures choices. Nothing too incriminating. It was so much fun, thanks for coming and see you again in less then 2 weeks!!! AHHHHH.

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