You Know You’re A Winter Runner When…

Good morning – happy Tuesday all – even though it feels like a Monday to me. I enjoyed my long weekend, but wish I had an extra day of rest. These long weekends always seem to fly by so fast when we use them for travel.

This post will again be photo-less. I realized halfway through the weekend that even if I wanted to take pictures, I left my camera at work. Eeek! So it’s a combination of my laziness and forgetfulness that has led to another photoless post.

I have to say that I was dying for my camera yesterday. After I wrote my quick check-in post I got word from the Hubby that he was going to be out for a while running errands and such, so I had about 2 hours of free time. I decided it would be smart to use that time for a quick run. However, I soon realized that my travel bag with all my running gear was in Hubby’s car. I was frustrated and upset and then I decided that I could probably find some decent running duds in my old clothes still at my parent’s house.

I rummaged around and ended up finding spandex (score!!), a t-shirt and the long-sleeved shirt I received from the Mohawk Hudson Marathon. I also snatched an old L.L.Bean vest from the hallway closet. The only missing elements were a sports bra and a winter hat. I managed to find a somewhat comfortable old regular bra buried in one of my drawers and decided it would have to do. And after much searching, I was only able to find a regular baseball cap. I also grabbed an old regular running watch – I was so sad to be running Garmin-less.

I have to tell you that I looked ridiculous. My hat was bright pink, my long-sleeved shirt was bright orange, my vest was grey and my spandex were black. I looked atrocious, but at least I was able to get my run in!

After completing my 3.3 mile run in 27 minutes (I used to track it after), I thought about how desperately I wanted to get that run in (afterall it was a decent day and it was daylight out) and realized that somehow over the past few months I’ve become a legitimate Winter Runner! Here’s how I can tell.

You Know You’re A Winter Runner When…

  • 30 degrees and sunny sounds like a balmy day and perfect for a run.
  • You believe that the invention of women’s winter running hats with the ponytail hole in the back was pure genius.
  • When you hear about a large predicted snow-storm your immediate concern is if it will affect your planned long run, not whether you’ll be able to make it to work or have enough food/reserves to ride it out.
  • You wonder how gross it would be to rewear your warmest running tights/spandex without washing them when a decent running day unexpectedly presents itself and you haven’t done the laundry yet.  
  • You constantly have a raw spot under your nose from your runny-nosed-runs.
  • You feel you’ve finally perfected your light-footed sloshy snow running and scoff at other runners you see slipping and sliding all over the place.
  • And lastly, you’re more excited about Daylight Saving Time beginning in March (a.k.a. setting the clocks ahead – meaning more light earlier in the morning and later at night) than you are about your birthday.

Those are just a few of the tell-tales signs that I can finally count myself among the ranks of the real winter runners. What about you – how can you tell you’re a real winter runner?

That’s all for today folks. I promise a picture-filled post for tomorrow, as well as a book review of The Historian coming soon! All I can say at the moment is that you should definitely put that book on your list. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday!


19 responses to “You Know You’re A Winter Runner When…

  1. very entertaining…

  2. Great job on making the run work! This list is brilliant 🙂 I agree with every single statement, haha. I’ll have to think of some to contribute!

  3. You see the snow on the ground as a good reason to do “high-knees”…just for the extra burn.

  4. I like your list! I wish I was hardcore and could bare the winter elements.. but I’m not quite there yet.

    • I just got there this year! Before this year I would watch the temperatures drop and the snow-fall and head to the treadmill. But winter running isn’t so bad if you layer properly.

  5. let’s just say, don’t stand downwind from me when we run tomorrow – my duds will be a repeat from sunday since i didn’t get to do laundry yesterday! 😉

    • Hahaha – I have a feeling my duds from our run tomorrow morning will be repeated later in the week. You should feel honored that you’ll be getting me while I’m fresh – although likely not awake.

  6. hahaha – love the list. I don’t consider myself a winter runner, but I have experienced the raw spot under my nose!

  7. Hahaha, very, very true. I feel I have quite a good control on running on snowy patches after four years of high school xc and track, but “light-footed sloshy snow running” doesn’t quite work on knee-deep snow! 🙂 Ah, time to go run before the sun goes down…. Cheers from Chicago!

  8. Madeline - Greens and Jeans

    When you MISS running in the cold! I’m currently living in Arizona, but I grew up in the midwest and on the east coast. It feels ridiculous to complain about 70 and sunny, but sometimes you just want it to be 20 degrees and snowy!

  9. haha i LOVED that list, every single one applies to me. espeically the red nose in the winter– which cracks me up cause i run to keep my body in shape, while neglecting that my face looks disgusting cause of my rudolph nose. so logical, us runners.

    oh, and i definitely wear running tights multiple times before washing them. just not sports bras….

    i know that i’m a runner when worry more about getting my miles in then getting my homework done…oops…

  10. I’m no winter runner, yet…but I admire those that are. Your list was both humorous and incredibly on the nose. Enjoy the rest of your week Lindsey!

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