A Running Rut

Good morning all! I’m back and a little less stressed finally. The big meeting on Monday went very well. And then yesterday was a busy day full of follow-up stuff related to it.

But I did get out for a run last night, although it was kind of pathetic. I only ran 3.5 miles and not at a very fast pace. I pretty much feel like I am starting at square one with training for the Boilermaker on July 11th. Plus, I’m signed up for a 5-mile run this Sunday and I have a feeling it’s going to be tough for me.

What I thought might help inspire me and get me back into running mode a bit was to review some of my marathon training runs I did from Jan – April.






So I know that totally just bored you, but it was a good exercise for me. We all have ups and downs with running. It really helps me to see the progression of my training, see that it wasn’t perfect, that I had some tough spots and recognize that this little struggle I’m having right now will also pass.

I’m a runner and I think I’ll always be a runner, but I need to understand that I’m not always going to be the most motivated runner or always have awesome runs. I may go through ups and downs, but that’s okay.

So – I’m taking my latest stinky runs in stride (no pun intended) and am going to run however I feel comfortable and not worry too much about measuring myself against my previous times or feelings, or other people.

Do you ever get in running ruts? How do you deal?

Ok – moving on! There seems to a consistent color scheme to my foods lately.  This weekend I had some delicious fruit – kiwi and apricot.

And then for dinner last night, I made this:

Do you see the green and orange them? A little weird.

This recipe was simple – brown rice cooked in water and chicken broth. Chicken with cooked veggies, including corn, peas and carrots. Then I sprinkled some shredded cheddar cheese into the pan and cooked it all together a little while longer to make it creamy. One of my favorite easy recipes!

I think I’m taking tonight off from running, especially since rain appear imminent. And I promise that a book review for Cutting for Stone is coming – I swear!!

Have a good hump day all!


12 responses to “A Running Rut

  1. I love having a blog for this reason- it’s easy to review how you felt and what you’ve done. And you’ve accomplished a lot!

    And I’m never hit a true “rut” yet, but I definitely have off nights (case in point- a few days ago!).

  2. When you run that much, you deserve all the food!!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Katherine: What About Summer?

    You’re obviously in great shape to be doing all that running. I go through running phases of distance, shorter, more often, only cross training, and muscle building with weights that just come and go with seasons etc (summer = major indoor cardio; it’s my off season with the heat). Great way to review running by looking back on it all like that

  4. You’ve already accomplished so much this year. Maybe your body needed this rut and now you can go out an attack running full force! I love your easy, quick dinner- it looks delicious! Looking forward to the book review 🙂

  5. You’ve had a full year already, so you’re probably just feeling a bit of mid-season blahs. Follow your gut for a while and before long, you’ll be back at it full force, I’m sure!

  6. Don’t sweat the running slump! It’ll just make improvements feel that much better when they come along 🙂

    I’ll cheer you on this weekend since I’m volunteering at the 5 miler, if you’ll cheer me on next weekend while you’re volunteering and I’m running! And then, FINALLY, maybe we’ll get to run together…hehe

  7. I feel like I’m in a speed rut. No matter how early I run it’s 80s or 90s out with intense humidity. I can’t seem to get my speed going!
    Your fruit looks lusciously fresh, by the way.

  8. Honestly, until being forced to lay off a little bit I didn’t realie what a running rutt I was actually in. Now I can honestly say that swimming is REALLY enjoyable and I am going to keep it up.

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