Brooklyn and the Blogger Hubby

Good morning all – how was your weekend? Mine was busy and good, but I feel a bit exhausted at the moment. I was supposed to go for a run this morning, but my allergies were out of control and I felt not so hot. So I bailed and will have to add that run to the end of my week.

After my long run on Saturday (yay for 17 miles!), I headed downtown to meet my friends Rachael and Stephanie at the Brooklyn Bridge. From there we walked over the bridge into Brooklyn. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It was very pretty, but also very busy. It was so crowded, I didn’t even want to stop to take some pics.

When we got into Brooklyn, we headed to Rachael’s new apartment in Carroll Gardens. It was super cute and in a fun area. We went to dinner right around the corner, but I can not for the life of me remember the name of the restaurant. Rachael and I got risotto, she got seafood and I got mushroom. It was amazing. Stephanie’s pesto pasta dish looked awesome as well. Here are the two risotto dishes:

Seafood Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

So yummy! Afterwards we hung out at Rachael’s apartment and watched a not-so-great movie: New York, I Love You. There were soo many big name actors in this movie and it was about New York, we thought for sure it would be good. It was not. I actually fell asleep about halfway through. Oops! I guess the 17 miles finally hit me.

On Sunday we woke up around 9:00, had some breakfast and then headed out. My allergies were going a bit haywire because of the doggie and they just continued to flare up all day Sunday and into the night. I told Hubby when I got home that his hopes of ever owning a dog are slim to none.  

Do you suffer from animal allergies or seasonal allergies?

My allergies to dogs are decidedly worse than to cats. Murphy is one lucky kitty cat.

While I was out exploring Brooklyn, it seems Hubby was spending some quality time in the kitchen. I came home to find these:

A huge plate of white chocolate chip cookies. And he also made some venison stew this weekend. He documented his progress – what a little secret blogger at heart! 🙂


Oops – he also snuck in a Murphy snuggling shot:

After – when the stew was complete:

After a Sunday full of laundry (3 loads), vacuuming and cleaning. I was happy to not have to cook and enjoyed some of Hubby’s venison stew:

And I know I gave up sweets for lent, but that giant plate of cookies is bound to get stale, so for the sake of not wasting food I also ate a few.

I try to be helpful, you know?

I’m excited for this evening. I’m attending the Village Voice Choice Eats (thanks Megan for sharing the event info on your blog!) with my friend Katie. Then tomorrow it’s back to the grind, marathon training and hopefully 100% health. 

And congrats to all those people who ran the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday! I saw a ton of runners on my way home on Sunday morning and I was just the tiniest bit jealous (ok really jealous).  What a perfect day for it. Have a good Monday all!


5 responses to “Brooklyn and the Blogger Hubby

  1. I am so impressed that the hubs made cookies…what a keeper!! 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of that movie…and I will not for sure not rent it! I forgot your hubby is a hunter like mine:) Stew looks great!

  3. Send him my way for a weekend! We had random freezing weather in NOLA this weekend and I would have loved some stew! And cookies couldn’t hurt either…

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