Rev Me Up!

Happy Hump day friends. Although I can’t see anything particularly happy about it. 😦 This weather has got me down. Four days of dreariness is no fun. But I think tomorrow is supposed to be nicer.

In happier news, the running book I’m reading (Once a Runner) has finally started to get me excited to run again! I think I’m going to hit up the gym tonight after work for a quick treadmill run. I’ve been waiting and waiting to feel inspired by this book and just last night it started to rev me up to run.

Of course, I leave this Sunday for Ireland, so all running will be put on hold once we’re there, but at least I’m feeling some excitement about the idea – right?

And let me just pose this question to the marathoners out there: Does training for any other distance motivate you as much as training for a marathon does?

I ask because I do in fact have a half marathon coming up in October (I’m running the Bay State half while my friend runs the full and tries to qualify for Boston – cross your fingers!!). However, it’s been especially hard to tell myself I have to start training for it. I think when I come back from Ireland I am going to create an actual training plan for the half – something I’ve never done. I’ve only ever created plans for marathon training. But I think without a plan, I’m more likely to slack off. Plus, hopefully by the time I come home, maybe there will be a tinge of fall in the air! What’s better than fall running?! 

I didn’t have any exceptional eats going on yesterday, so I only snapped a photo of my dinner:

A giant salad with grilled chicken, cheese, grape tomatoes and some rice. Although you can’t see much of the fixens in this photo.

Thanks for all your advice and feedback about my resistance to change post from yesterday. I know fighting it only makes things more difficult, but generally if there’s going to be some change, I like to have control over it. Haha – I think that’s the stubborn Taurus in me. 🙂

Anyway – I thank you and hope that this upcoming vacation will allow me to appreciate the constants and cope with the many changes happening. I am afraid that I’ll come back and won’t have any readers because I won’t be able to post from Ireland. I have not jumped on the smart phone bandwagon.

For other bloggers out there – how do you post while on vacation or traveling? Do you use sprintcard or other wireless option? Everything seems so darn expensive! Ideas?

Have a great Wednesday all!


3 responses to “Rev Me Up!

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling the running vibes again!

    And when it comes to vacation… I often let it go a day or two or prewrite a post or two. I’ve got a friend’s wedding coming up in a couple weeks and it’s actually the first time I’ve asked for guest bloggers… it works out and doesn’t take up all your time while you’re away!

  2. wow! ireland is going to be so much fun, you must be excited out of your mind. and as for blogging while on vacation or away…i don’t! it’s a break, a time off; you shouldn’t feel pressured to post and just try to enjoy yourself. :]

  3. Hmm, maybe have some guest posts? I tend to not want to blog on vacation (heck, I tend to not want to blog sometimes when I’m home 😀 )

    -Bri and I purchased wireless two days of the honeymoon to scope out the wedding photos… maybe you can plan it out like that too?

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