Wedding Fun & Marathon Nerves

Good morning all – welcome to another work week. Blah! This past weekend flew by so fast. Did yours?

On Friday after work I headed upstate on the train. I had dinner with two of my best friends that night, including some pasta to help fuel my run the next morning.

Saturday’s run was a good one – maybe because it was so much shorter than my last weekend run (21+ miles). My friend Lauren also met up with me for about four of the miles, so that made it go by quickly as well. Here are my stats from that run:

Mile 1 – 8:19
Mile 2 – 9:10
Mile 3 – 9:23
Mile 4 – 9:04
Mile 5 – 8:38
Mile 6 – 8:16
Mile 7 – 8:42
Mile 8 – 8:27
Mile 9 – 8:31
Mile 10 – 8:20
Mile 11 – 8:33
Mile 12 – 8:19
.22 – 1:47

Total mileage – 12.22 miles in 1:45:34. Average pace – 8:38 minute miles

I felt great after this run! After my run I hung around my parent’s house for a bit and then got ready for my friend Jenny’s wedding in Queensbury, N.Y.

They had a gorgeous day for their wedding and the ceremony happened to be outside, so that was perfect. Here’s Hubby and I at our table taking the requisite table photo.

And that’s my friend Lauren giving us bunny ears. Thanks girl!

And here’s a group shot of some of the girls with the bridey.

The cocktail hour was amazing – there were sooo many stations. But I completely forgot to take any photos because I was so intent on hitting up every station…and I did.

Our dinner was delicious – the menu was chicken and Chateaubriand, with a twice-baked potato and grilled broccoli and carrots.

And then my favorite part – dessert!

I loved the wedding cake with the chocolate cream-pudding in the middle. And the icecream in the mini cup was fabulous as well. I cleared my plate.

All in all, it was a really great wedding and weekend. I wanted to be super motivated and run on Sunday, but it was just too hot and muggy and I was too tired. So last week, it looks like I only got in 3 of my 5 days of running. Apparently, I am taking the taper time to the next level and am just being straight lazy! Hopefully I can get in my five days this week. I am losing training motivation!

Any advice from marathon veterans out there – how to stay motivated during the taper time? I don’t want to ruin all my training by not tapering properly.

And in other marathon-related nerves – I had an extremely bizarre dream last night. I was running the marathon with my high school cross-country team, but it was more like an obstacle course. We had to squeeze through hidden doors and strange routes and then our coach stopped us for a full 5 minutes to have a chat. I was flipping out and yelling “we are running a marathon – there’s no time for talking!”

It was not a fun dream. I think I can say that I am officially nervous for the Poconos Run for Red Marathon on May 16th. Eeeks it’s so close!

Have a great Monday all!


9 responses to “Wedding Fun & Marathon Nerves

  1. Your hair looks all Pantene! LOL.

  2. Another great long run!

    No worries about only 3 out of 5 days, important part is that you got your long run in. Heck my normal training is usually just 3 days of running… obviously I see no harm. 😉

    Looks like a fun wedding! Your hair rocks!!!

    • Thank you – you always make me feel better about my training. I figured that getting in that long run was the most important thing.

      I guess my hair must photograph well! Thanks. 🙂

  3. You never know about dreams… it could be good that you are mentally preparing yourself. I had a dream last night about 3 cute little kittens and when I looked it up, it is not a good thing. It symbolizes that I will have small troubles soon. So, who knows???

  4. I love weddings…I am glad you had a fun time! Honestly, the taper time was the hardest part for me. I felt lazy (compared to the runs I had been logging) but I compensated by just focusing on cross training activities and reminding myself that the taper was there for a purpose!

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