Who’s Staying in a Castle – We Are!!

Hi all – Happy Thursday – how is your week going? The forecast in NYC says it’s going to be around 90-93 degrees today! Craziness. Does anyone remember last June and how totally different it was from this year? Last June it rained almost every day of the month! What a difference a year makes, right?

Today after work I’m running the American Heart Associations Wall Street Run and Walk. It’s only three miles, but I thought it would be kind of cool to run a race down here where I work. Then a few co-workers and I might jog up the West side to about 14th Street. That is if the weather holds out and it doesn’t pour on us.

I started of yesterday with a breakfast of oatmeal with frozen fruit.

Then I got to work and my camera battery died, so no lunch or afternoon snack pictures.

After work I picked up my race packet at the NYRR’s on 89th Street and then headed home to get into the air conditioning. Yesterday was pretty brutal as well.

For dinner last night I made a boat load of pasta – so I have some leftovers for lunch today. I wanted to keep it light, so I just added some veggies and sprinkled with some Italian salad dressing.

Multi-grain pasta with grape tomatoes, corn, peas, walnuts, raisins and cheddar cheese.

However, the highlight of yesterday was definitely when I booked us a room in a castle in Ireland!! Our trip is at the end of August and our last night there will be in a castle. I may not want to leave!! I’m so excited. We’re really starting to get into planning now. I’m a huge planner and want to have our hotels and B&Bs booked in the near future. But other people have told me that we don’t need to book our B&Bs in advance and should really only worry about finding rooms in Dublin. I just don’t think  I can go that route – I’ve got to have it out planned out and set.

BTW – if anyone knows of any great B&Bs in the following cities in Ireland, let me know! Kilkenny, Kinsale, Killarney and Galway.

Have a great Thursday all – hurray for tomorrow being Friday!!



5 responses to “Who’s Staying in a Castle – We Are!!

  1. Oh my gosh….how amazing!!!! That is going to be the trip of a lifetime! 🙂

  2. A castle? How cool! I’d have a lot of fun with that. I suggest packing a tiara for kicks… 😛

  3. My girlfriends and I stayed at this amazing b&b just outside of Kinsale- the blue horizon. The proprietors were friendly and it was very clean and had a cool bar. But man, the views were simply AMAZING. I have beautiful photos posted on facebook if you need any motivation to stay there- friend me! 🙂 The website for the b&b is thebluehorizon.com. And I think it was very reasonably priced! We had dinner in Kinsale one of the evenings (such a cute, quaint place) and I had the most amazing steak I think I’ve ever tasted. So jealous you are going!

  4. I have a book of B&B’s for you. Didn’t Bill tell you? I am also going over your itinerary and am suggesting sites that you don’t have listed. For example, see Bunratty Castle outside of Limerick. It also features Durty Nelly’s, the oldest pub in Ireland. A must. We can discuss next time you are in town. Are you guys coming the 4th or waiting till the Boilermaker to make the trip up?

    • Bill told me you had info for us – but no specifics! Not unusual. That will be awesome! Thanks. We are stopping by your parents house this Sunday with my parents for a cute little parent’s lunch. Then the next trip up is the Boilermaker! It came so fast.

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