America Heart Association Wall Street 3 Mile Run

It’s Friday!!! Yippee! This week went by pretty fast for me, but I am still thrilled that the weekend is finally here. I am soo far behind on all my favorite blogs – I have some major catching up to do.

So last night after a busy day in the office, filled with about 4 hours of meetings and more fun, I decided it was a good idea to run a race in the near 90 degree weather. Yeah it was really gross out.

About eight of us from the office signed up for the American Heart Association Wall Street 3 mile run/walk, which started at 6:45 p.m. We took a team photo and then the walkers and runners were split up. We lined up at the Start, well actually quite a ways from the start, but we could see it.

When the race started, as usual, it took a while to get to the actual start. Then the weaving and avoiding people began. There were soo many people and so many people who started walking within the first mile of the race. I had to run up on the edges on the sidewalks for a while and try to avoid people walk or stopping abruptly – all within the tight confines of the downtown streets. By mile two things started to get a little clearer, but it was still pretty frustrating.

Between the heat/humidity and the crowd, I can say that it was not a great run. It was different to run downtown instead of Central Park, but not the most conducive for running.

My overall finishing time was 24:23. Blah!

After the race, I walked with two of my co-workers from the downtown finish up to 14th Street and then crossed over to the east side and hopped on the 4/5 at Union Square. I got home around 9 p.m. and was starving! After eating some leftover pasta and showering I headed straight to bed.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I think the NYC heat and humidity is finally supposed to break a bit!


7 responses to “America Heart Association Wall Street 3 Mile Run

  1. I don’t think your time is blah, I think it is pretty great! I had the same experience as you on the sidewalks — but then the people who decided to walk I guess thought we were trying to be cool because then THEY went up on the sidewalks too, defeating the whole purpose. Despite the weaving, I managed to do pretty well for me! I had a fun race, wish you came out for margaritas outside at Southwest after!

  2. yeah….running during a “run/walk” is generally a disaster!

  3. I completely feel your pain…this heat and humidity is a running KILLER!!!

  4. As competitive as I am (which was a surprise to me during my first race ever), I cannot do races that are bigger unless they’re set up by average pace or start corrals… I feel your pain! I don’t mind run/walks, but people who are just walking probably need to stay near the back…

  5. Hi Lindsay! I did that run a few years back and I remember how HARD the pavement down there was. It was different than running on Central Park pavement and the buildings made me feel closed in – I guess I’m used to running in wider open spaces and the twists in turns in that crowd was a newt experience for me. Anyway – good job! I think you did great!

  6. Katherine: What About Summer?

    heat is hard enough to run it; humidity makes it almost unbearable! way to pull through

  7. Ach i wish the heat and humidity broke!! it’s too hot!!! sorry about the crazy race, half the time I feel like the NYRR runs start that way too! I could barely run at the beginning of the pride race this weekend!

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