Nothing Great to Say

Hi all. I wasn’t going to post today. Why? Because I didn’t really feel I had anything great to say. I didn’t run yesterday – shocker. I didn’t make anything particularly exciting to eat (and yes, our gas is still broken and I have no stove/oven), and I don’t have a book review to share.

So – I figured no one would want to hear from me. But…I also kind of felt like writing. Sometimes it’s just cathartic. So I decided to write this blog post anyway. I mean, the name of my blog is just a jumping off point, but it shouldn’t really limit what I can say.  Right?

So what’s on my mind today. Changes. There seems to be a lot of them happening all around me. Do you ever feel that way. That you’re just standing there watching everything change and morph before your very eyes?

To start, my boss gave her resignation last week, so swallowing that news was pretty big. After the initial shock, then I began thinking about how my life at my job will change – probably more work, maybe a new boss, etc. If I’m being honest, I’ll say that I’m not all that great with change. So these thoughts kind of started to weigh me down.

Second – I’ve been noticing lots of changes in the blog world. Some bloggers have gone missing (sadness) or decided to stop blogging altogether. Just when I get in my groove of checking my favorite blogs each day, then they up and disappear. I know blogging is an ever-changing world. Admittedly, I too have been that missing blogger. And some day, I’ll probably even be that blogger that signs off for good. But it’s still kind of like losing a friend. 😦

Third – big trips (even vacations) tend to make me a little nervous at first. Once I’m actually on the trip I relax, but all the stuff leading up to it gives me anxiety. I typically tend to think that a) I’m going to forget something major (like my passport)  b) we’re going to miss our flight or it will be cancelled and c) I’ve forgotten to plan some crucial aspect of the trip – like reserve a hotel. So until Sunday night when I am on that plane, I’m probably going to be a bit of a nutcase.

And fourth – I feel kind of lost without a marathon to train for. I actually feel jealous of my friend who is running the Bay State Marathon in October. I know that sounds kind of sick, but training for a marathon has become kind of like a cherished routine for me now. It provides that motivation and that big goal that I’ve found I really like and need. It’s a constant in my life and I actually really miss it.

So that’s where my head is today. I’m trying to stay sane and focused in the midst of many changes. I actually think this vacation is coming at a very opportune time. I need to get away for a bit.

What about you? Do you like change? How do you cope with it? Are there any big life changes happening for you right now?


8 responses to “Nothing Great to Say

  1. Aw. I am glad that you posted. I hate the fact that there seems to be this consensus in the blogworld that posts have to read a certain way, have a certain amount of pictures, etc. Whatever! It is YOUR blog so write what you want, how you want, when you want 😀

    I get nervous before big trips too. Especially on the flight there for some reason. Once I’m there I’m good to go!

    I love the structure of a training plan. I feel lost without it too! Maybe there is a race you can start training for after your trip? Maybe just a half or something?

    • Yes – I’m try to break free of that – feeling like my post have to fit some norm. I actually am planning to run a half marathon in October, but it just doesn’t seem to motivate me like a marathon. 🙂

  2. I’m not very good with change, but I’m working on that every day! I think maybe we’re all feeling a little angsty with the changing of the seasons. Autumn is so exciting (for me) because my energy returns, I get to wear all the clothes I love, and the city seems to be buzzing with plans for the rest of the year. It also means summer is over, though, which is always a little sad.

    Try to embrace the constants in your life – your wonderful husband and family. At the end of the day, those are the parts of life that matter, no matter what else is going on.

  3. I think everyone has issues with change, whether good or bad. We all get into such a routine, that when something shifts it throws us off! Some of my fave bloggers have disappeared too – wonder if they are the same ones?

  4. Change is going to happen, so why fight it? You know me, I really like to just go with the flow, and who knows maybe your new boss will be even better than the last.

    I know what you mean about traveling though… I’m leaving for Alaska to visit my sister this Thursday and I feel so unprepared. I’m not really sure what to pack, and trying to pack light is a joke!!! I’m sure that everything in Ireland will be wonderful!

    On another note, did you hear about bloggers from Philly that are being charged for a business license?

    • I know I wish I could be more like you Chrissie. And wow you’re going to Alaska so soon!! That will be amazing. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Bill really, really wants to go there next. I wouldn’t know what to pack either. Goodluck!

      Yes, I saw that about the Philly bloggers. Hopefully nothing like that happens in NY. 🙂

  5. I feel the same way!! I’ve noticed a bunch of bloggy friends sorta disappear. But then again, I’ve made new ones like you! I also get excited but anxious on trips and sometimes can’t wait for them to be over before they’ve started. But once I’m at my destination I enjoy myself.

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