Happy Friday…and I Might Have Pink Eye

Good morning all. Today is a mixed up day. I’m super happy it’s Friday – I’m actually kind of giddy. The bad news is that I woke up this morning and could barely open my eyes. For the past few days, I’ve had some redness, but this morning was just ridiculous. The light in our apartment felt like it was burning my retinas and the thought of putting contacts in actually made me cry.

So I’m rocking my glasses again and made an appointment with my eye doc to figure out what is going on. I’m leaving on Sunday for a work conference in Florida and I can’t be walking around with bloodshot scary eyes. That just won’t do.

Despite my eye issues, I managed to suck it up and force my contacts into my eyes to go for a run yesterday. Here are my stats:

Mile 1 – 9:13
Mile 2 – 8:50
Mile 3 – 9:11
Mile 4 – 9:03
Mile 5 – 8:58
.22 – 1:51

Total mileage – 5.22 miles in 47:08. Average pace – 9:01 minute miles.

I wasn’t too thrilled with my pace, but I have to keep reminding myself I’m slowly getting back into training and shape.  My question to other runners out there is: Can you run with glasses on? I’ve never tried, but I don’t think that I could. I think they would bounce around and make me dizzy.  

For dinner last night, I wanted something really quick and easy. So I made a tuna-melt and had some grapes on the side.

It was actually exactly what I wanted and filled me right up. I hadn’t had one in soo long, I think I forgot how much I like them. Do you ever do that with some foods?

After dinner, I will admit that the rest of our night was filled with t.v. We watched that new reunion show that just came out and thought it was pretty decent. Then I watched Grey’s Anatomy and didn’t hate it. And finally we capped off our night with some good ole Jersey Shore. I know – it’s so embarrassing that I watch it. I just can’t help it.

Today should be pretty busy. I have a bunch of things to wrap up at work before I head to the conference for three days next week. And I can’t believe that by the time I come back to NY, it will basically be October! My October is going to be crazy and fun: a baby shower, a 5k race with friends, a bridal shower and bachelorette, I’m running a half marathon while my friend runs a full (trying to qualify for Boston!), and last but certainly not least my two-year wedding anniversary with Hubby!

Do you have any exciting plans for October?! I almost forgot that my one-year blog anniversary is also in October. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost a full year already. 🙂

Alright all – have a good Friday and have a great weekend!


6 responses to “Happy Friday…and I Might Have Pink Eye

  1. lol… your title made me really happy… then really sad… 😦 Pink Eye is awful!

    Good luck with the doctor’s appointment and enjoy your Friday!

  2. what half marathon are you running?? Did you already answer this question?

  3. October will be busy for me, as well. I have a marathon (that I’m flying to! Taking my first vacation days ever, shocker I know!), a 10- mile trail run, two half-marathons, and three family birthdays.
    PS – if it is pink eye and you start an antibiotic but your eyes are still red for your trip, you can use an eye decongestant like visine for appearances. Just only once or twice if you need it – more than that will decrease healing.

  4. I can no longer wear contacts and have to wear glasses all day, every day. That includes on my runs.

    I’ve personally run into no issues, however, my glasses are very light titanium. I’m not sure how you’d do if you had heavier glasses. Hope it works for you though!

  5. My bestie/roommate in college always had pinkeye. It was such a PITA for her bc she always had to get new makeup.

    I’ve run with glasses and I don’t notice a difference! Well, aside from the fact that sweat pools up sometimes underneath on the bridge of my nose. TMI, I know.

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