Busy & Tiring Day at Social Media Conference

Hi all. I’m still in Jacksonville, Fl. at the social media conference. I am utterly exhausted. Today we went from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. with really only a 30 minute break for lunch and then a few 10 minute breaks here and there. I am spent.

But, I have to say that it’s been a very good conference so far. To date, social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter) has really only been a part of my personal life because the company I work for has been very slow to accept and realize the benefits. However, I think I see changes coming in our future and I’m very happy that I have this chance to become more prepared.

I’ve found out about a bunch of great resources through this conference, and I’m sure that many of you social media gurus out there already knew about them, but they are pretty exciting to me:

Four Square
What the Hashtag
flipvideospotlight.com (non-profits can buy one flip camera and get one free)

I’m not going to go into what each of these sites is for – you can browse if you haven’t already checked them out. Some are geared toward social media and others toward more PR-based efforts. I’m very excited to have a list like this started to help us with our efforts.

Ok – enough of the boring stuff. I don’t have much exciting food to share with you because we haven’t had many choices. However, my co-worker and I did make it to a decent restaurant last night called Marker 32. We started off by sharing a shrimp cocktail and beet salad. The salad was amazing!! Then we both ended up ordering the same thing for dinner. A fish called Trigger with a quinoa pilaf and artichoke sauce overtop. It was simply amazing!!! I am not a huge fish person, but the waiter sold me on this and he was soo right. It was delicious.

Seriously amazing!!! So good. We were stuffed afterwards. And it sounds awful, but we might go back to this place again for dinner.

Ok – it’s getting close to dinner, so time to log off. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. My question for today is:

What is your favorite social media tool? And what social media tool do you most often (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blog, etc.)


4 responses to “Busy & Tiring Day at Social Media Conference

  1. I’m definitely a facebook fanatic- it’s so nice to be able to shoot friends quick messages instead of play phonetag a few days and then have to set aside a free hour here and there to do all the catching up!

  2. i actually really hate facebook. i do have it, but i try not to go on it. I usually only check facebook once every 2 months. I feel like everyone tries to make it seem like they are happy all the time! its not real. I like twitter for updates about things to do. Blogs are fun to find people with common interests. I feel like people who blog are honest about what is going on in their lives….where facebook is all sugarcoated.

  3. Before I would have said facebook but I’m leaning towards twitter/blogging now. Enjoy the rest of your conference!

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