November Wedding Fun!

Wow I’ve been busy. This weekend was crazy and hectic and I can’t believe Monday is already over. I’ve been a bad poster lately. I am postponing my Nobu review until tomorrow, when I will also have my recap for The Girl Who Played With Fire. Yup, I finished it already.

Instead, here are some highlights from this weekend and my friend Jess’s wedding!

All the girls! Aren’t we just gorgeous?! 🙂 Hehe

Isn’t Jess’s hair gorgeous?!! She always has fab hair, but it looked extra amazing.

Me and Hubby enjoying the wedding and looking dapper!

I had to use a flash to get this meal. It was yummy. Chicken with veggies and then there was a risotto mushroom type of bake.

I also partook in the Venetian dessert table. And totally forgot to snap a shot of the actual cake, which was chocolate and delicious. But I was in love with the other desserts as well.

Much dancing and silliness ensued with all our friends. The wedding went until 1:00 a.m. and then we headed out and I went right to bed.  Congratulations to Jess and Bob! It was a fantastic wedding and a great time was had by all, I would certainly say.

Despite the late night and partying, I felt pretty good the next morning and decided to get in a run since it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I ran a quick 4+ miles in the sun.

Mile 1 – 8:52
Mile 2 – 8:12
Mile 3 – 8:02
Mile 4 – 8:54
.32 – 2:27

Total – 4.32 in 36:28. Average pace – 8:27 minute miles.

The rest of my day was spent grocery shopping and doing laundry and then heading back to NYC fairly late at night. Hence my feeling a bit frazzled.

So it’s a quick post today, but I promise a more in-depth post tomorrow with two reviews. Brace yourself! Can everyone else believe that Thanksgiving is next week? I can’t. It totally came out of nowhere.


7 responses to “November Wedding Fun!

  1. Fun weekend! You all looked fabulous, plus you gotta love a fun wedding!
    Agreed, cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week…. we still need to decide what we are doing. So hard with both of our families, plus my parents being divorced.

  2. November has FLOWN! I still haven’t scheduled out all the baking I’m planning to do next week! Ugh…

  3. lindsey i love your pictures!! thanks for posting 🙂 we had the best night ever!! the group picture will be in a frame in my house, no doubt about it! and the mushroom risotto cake was my favorite food of the night! yum 🙂 thanks to you and bill for coming!!

  4. Looks like a fun wedding! Where upstate was it?

  5. Gorgeous pics! Just want you to know that I am starting my blogging unit and I showed your awesome and beautiful blog to my classes today! They liked it and we are all going to try grilled cheese and apple later this week because it looked so good!!! 🙂

    • That is soo cool! Thanks for using me as an example – I feel so legit now. Grilled cheese and apple is the BEST!! Can’t wait to see you next week woman. 🙂

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