Well Hello There 2011

I honestly can’t believe it’s 2011 already. The 2010 year literally flew by. I’ve decided to really think hard about my 2011 resolutions before I put them down in print. So those resolutions will be coming a little bit late.

My New Years Eve wasn’t as exciting as expected. Hubby and I were toying with the idea of going to Times Square since it was a balmy 45 degrees outside. However, the cold and congestion that Hubby had been dealing with for the past few days finally made its way to me and the thought of standing outside for hours with a million people – being trapped inside barriers became more terrifying than appealing. So we ended up lying low and I coughed my way into 2011. Thanks for going with the flow Hubby and welcoming 2011 in a low-key way with your sick wife.

I’ve been promising a book review, so here it is. My book review of Ultramarathon Man – Confessions of An All-Night Runner.

Ultramarathon Man
Confessions of An All-Night Runner

By: Dean Karnazes

At a work happy hour earlier in December, a few of us were talking running and running books, and several people told me to read this book. They were pretty persistent, so I decided to check it out.

I was not disappointed. This book was both interesting and inspiring. It’s a non-fiction book by and about Dean Karnazes. Dean was a runner in high school, but then abruptly stopped running altogether for years. On his 30th birthday, he takes a hard look at his life and tries to figure out what is missing. After a night of drinking and celebration, he puts on a pair of old sneakers and heads out for a run…a really long run.

And from there he just does not stop. The man runs and runs and runs. He starts by running about 5 miles a day and then hears about a 100 mile race. He sets his sights on that goal and trains like a maniac.

The reader tags along on his journey for adventure and excitement. As a runner, you’ll want to be running alongside Dean. His stories will fill you with awe and inspiration. After reading about Dean’s 50-100 mile jaunts, I felt like a pretty big wimp complaining about having to run 30-40 miles a week for marathon training.

Dean is not a complainer – he is a doer. He sets his goal and he doesn’t let anything stand in his way.  And just when the reader thinks that he has tackled his biggest challenge, Dean will find a more intense and insane challenge. It’s what he lives for.

I’m pretty sure I read this book in 2-3 days. I just couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what he would conquer next and I wanted to absorb some of his strength through the pages. I then passed the book along to my running friend and she flew through it in 2 days as well. It’s good and it just may renew some of your vigor and drive to run and train harder than you ever have before. Because if Dean can run 100 miles, surely I can run a measly 26, right?


Hope you all had a great NYE and start to 2011! What are some of your New Year goals?

The number 11 is my lucky number, so I’m hoping this year is a lucky one for us. 🙂 Last year wasn’t awful, but we did have some major ups and downs – so I’d really love to have a great 2011. How was your 2010?


4 responses to “Well Hello There 2011

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet. ‘The Runner’s Guide to The Meaning Of Life’ is on the way from Amazon. Have you read it? It was written by Amby Burfoot.

    I love Dean. He gets a lot of flack from other members of the running community but I don’t think he deserves it. He has such a positive attitude and he is such an inspiration. Can’t wait to read this book. Great review!

  2. Happy New Year!! Sounds like a great read, I’ll have to check it out. I actually ran by Dean when I did the Marine Crops Marathon in 2006 when he as doing the 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. He looked incredibly strong when I saw him around mile 20.

    I definitely need to think about my goals for 2011…. not quite sure what they are yet.

  3. Oh I want to read that! A friend just read the book by a former NYC firefighter that was almost killed in an accident and came back to run the marathon – I can’t remember what it’s called but she said it was amazing. Hope you’re feelin’ better soon – happy 2011! Let me know if you’re up for a morning run this week 🙂

  4. Great review! I listened to his 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states book on cd in my car and it was great. I’ll have to check this one out!

    My 2010 was great! 🙂 Aside from my husband leaving. 2011 will be even better bc he comes home! 😀

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