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Well Hello There 2011

I honestly can’t believe it’s 2011 already. The 2010 year literally flew by. I’ve decided to really think hard about my 2011 resolutions before I put them down in print. So those resolutions will be coming a little bit late.

My New Years Eve wasn’t as exciting as expected. Hubby and I were toying with the idea of going to Times Square since it was a balmy 45 degrees outside. However, the cold and congestion that Hubby had been dealing with for the past few days finally made its way to me and the thought of standing outside for hours with a million people – being trapped inside barriers became more terrifying than appealing. So we ended up lying low and I coughed my way into 2011. Thanks for going with the flow Hubby and welcoming 2011 in a low-key way with your sick wife.

I’ve been promising a book review, so here it is. My book review of Ultramarathon Man – Confessions of An All-Night Runner.

Ultramarathon Man
Confessions of An All-Night Runner

By: Dean Karnazes

At a work happy hour earlier in December, a few of us were talking running and running books, and several people told me to read this book. They were pretty persistent, so I decided to check it out.

I was not disappointed. This book was both interesting and inspiring. It’s a non-fiction book by and about Dean Karnazes. Dean was a runner in high school, but then abruptly stopped running altogether for years. On his 30th birthday, he takes a hard look at his life and tries to figure out what is missing. After a night of drinking and celebration, he puts on a pair of old sneakers and heads out for a run…a really long run.

And from there he just does not stop. The man runs and runs and runs. He starts by running about 5 miles a day and then hears about a 100 mile race. He sets his sights on that goal and trains like a maniac.

The reader tags along on his journey for adventure and excitement. As a runner, you’ll want to be running alongside Dean. His stories will fill you with awe and inspiration. After reading about Dean’s 50-100 mile jaunts, I felt like a pretty big wimp complaining about having to run 30-40 miles a week for marathon training.

Dean is not a complainer – he is a doer. He sets his goal and he doesn’t let anything stand in his way.  And just when the reader thinks that he has tackled his biggest challenge, Dean will find a more intense and insane challenge. It’s what he lives for.

I’m pretty sure I read this book in 2-3 days. I just couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what he would conquer next and I wanted to absorb some of his strength through the pages. I then passed the book along to my running friend and she flew through it in 2 days as well. It’s good and it just may renew some of your vigor and drive to run and train harder than you ever have before. Because if Dean can run 100 miles, surely I can run a measly 26, right?


Hope you all had a great NYE and start to 2011! What are some of your New Year goals?

The number 11 is my lucky number, so I’m hoping this year is a lucky one for us. 🙂 Last year wasn’t awful, but we did have some major ups and downs – so I’d really love to have a great 2011. How was your 2010?


A Weekend of Exhausting Fun!

Good morning all. Happy Tuesday. How many of you had to work yesterday? I did and I felt like I was the only one! And there was even a fair happening in the street outside my office – talk about torture!

So I’ve been MIA for a bit because I’ve been so crazy busy. On Friday, I headed upstate for my friend Jess’s bridal shower and bachelorette activities.

On Saturday morning before all the events started, Lauren and I ran 8 miles together. Her last long run before the Baystate Marathon the 17th. I still felt like I was slowing her down a bit (don’t kill me for writing that Lauren – she gets so mad when I say it), but I at least felt better for this run and not so exhausted. Here are our stats:

Mile 1 – 8:55
Mile 2 – 8:54
Mile 3 – 8:46
Mile 4 – 8:36
Mile 5 – 8:28
Mile 6 – 8:23
Mile 7 – 8:48
Mile 8 – 8:54

Total mileage – 8.06 in 1:10:17. Average pace – 8:42 minute miles.

So I got some decent pacing into that run and felt pretty good afterwards. I haven’t trained as strictly as I would have liked for the half marathon I’m running in conjunction with Lauren’s full, but this run made me feel a little better.

After our run, we headed to our friend Jess’s bridal shower at Apertivo Bistro in Schenectady. She got a ton of great stuff and I really enjoyed their food. I chose the chicken maria for lunch.

It was very good. Others at the table had the personal pizza and that looked amazing as well.

After the shower, we all headed to our respective homes to freshen up and I might have taken a little nap. I had to be rested for the evening activities! And we had so much fun – good thing I napped.

Her MOH did such an amazing job with everything! Look at this spread:

And here are some of our girls with the bridey…

We danced the night away and finally called it quits at about 2 a.m. and headed back to our friend’s apartment for some snacks and bed.

On Sunday I headed back to NYC, feeling less than stellar and possibly like a cold was coming on. I think I’m wearing myself out. The month of October has been, and will continue to be, pure mayhem and my body feels like it’s revolting. I just need to make it through this Sunday though – I don’t feel like running a half marathon with a cold.

So that brings me to Monday. I went to work (and scowled at the people enjoying the street fair outside my office), and then forced myself to go for a run after work. I swear I don’t think it’s actually a cold – I think it might be allergies. But whatever it was, it was all located above my neck, no coughing or respiratory issues, so I felt it was okay to run.

And actually, running really helped last night. I think it cleared out some of the junk that was in my nose (sorry I know that’s really gross). My stats from Monday night’s run:

Mile 1 – 8:53
Mile 2 – 8:39
Mile 3 – 8:38
Mile 4 – 8:49

Total mileage – 4.03 miles in 35:12. Average pace – 8:44 minute miles.

Not too bad considering my stuffy head and runny nose. After my run, I made dinner (stir fry – yumm!), vacuumed, did the dishes and then promptly passed out fell asleep at 9:45. My body just gave out.

And now it’s Tuesday already. How was your weekend and your Monday off – if you had it off?

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Haha – yes you can. That line from A Few Good Men just kept popping into my head when I was writing my liar post yesterday.

I’ll tell you what my truth was after I recap yesterday’s eats. For breakfast I had oatmeal with banana and peanut butter and a small glass of cranberry juice.

I was so busy at work that I missed my mid-morning snack entirely and just at my lunch early – around 12:15. I had peanut butter and apple butter on an Arnold sandwich thin. Gotta say, the apple butter idea wasn’t too great. It had pretty much soaked into the sandwich thin by the time lunch rolled around. Live and learn. I also had a small bag of carrots as well.

My afternoon flew by, but I squeezed in two snacks. Chobani yogurt with Kashi Go Lean cereal and a small bag of walnuts and raisins.

I skipped the gym and my run again yesterday just to be on the safe side. I am hitting the gym tonight for a 3-4 mile run though. I headed home and Hubby and I cleaned up the apartment a bit after our lazy sick weekend. It was atrocious.

After the cleaning was done I made a quick dinner. We had some leftover cooked pasta that needed to be eaten, so I used most of it up with some Newman’s Sockarooni pasta sauce and a side salad with grape tomatoes and feta cheese.

I’m finally feeling like I have my normal appetite back. Since about Saturday through Monday I haven’t feel very hungry or very excited about food. So strange. I was excited for this hearty meal though and gobbled it up.

Ok – now for time for the truth. My one and only truth from yesterday’s post was:

2. I’ve never had a cavity.

All the rest were lies – all lies! To be fair, some of my “outrageous lies” weren’t so outrageous. It was really hard to think of good lies. Basically, I love reading fiction and tend to avoid biographies at all costs, I absolutely HATE feet (except for baby feet), my husband proposed to me on a beach, I’ve been living in NYC for almost 4 years (not 5 – although it feels like 5 sometimes), I can speak 1 language – English (although I took German all through high school and two years in college), and lastly, I have TERRIBLE vision (I literally can only see the big E on the chart without my contacts).

So that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thanks for all your guesses! I do believe that Jess was the only person who guessed right. 🙂

And thanks for all the support on getting healthy again. Each day seems to be getting a little better. I got momentarily freaked out that maybe it was sinus infection, but I’ve been researching the symptoms and I haven’t been experiencing any of the headaches or facial pressure that typically goes along with a sinus infection. Plus, I’m thinking that even if it is a sinus infection, the antibiotics I’m taking would probably help get rid of that as well.

So that’s that. Can you believe that we’ll be into the month of March next week?! Time to get back into my training mode – the Poconos Marathon will be here before I know it!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite thing about spring?!

I’m a Terrible Liar

Good afternoon. Sorry I have been so MIA. I feel so out of the loop, I haven’t been reading blogs or commenting in the past few days and I feel so lost. 🙂 I promise I’ll be back fully soon.

I am slowly coming back to life. Yesterday was a bad day. I came to work with absolutely no voice and clogged ears, so I really felt like I was living in a bubble.

And now I’ll jump into my antibiotic quandary…

I made a tough choice and filled the antibiotic prescription my doctor gave me a few weeks back when I first visited him. I had these same symptoms way back then – February 2nd. It seemed a little odd to me that I was experiencing all the same symptoms all over again and finally came to the conclusion that I quite possibly hadn’t really gotten better since then, my symptoms had just lessened, but never went away fully. This conclusion led to me think that maybe this was a bacterial infection and not simply a viral cold.

I very rarely consider taking or requesting antibiotics – I don’t think they are necessary in most cases and believe that people tend to think they are the easy fix. I don’t want my body to become immune to antibiotics or worse yet sick because of them. So I reluctantly made this decision.

Well, I filled my Z-Pack prescription yesterday afternoon (I ended up leaving work early because I had the chills and was exhausted), took my first dose and went to bed early last night.

And today – I can feel the congestion lessening. My voice is sort of back and my ears and nose are noticeably less clogged. Whether this has to do with the antibiotics or just that the viral infection had run its course, I’m not sure. But I’m going to finish off the rest of the Z-Pack to be on the safe side.  

So what are your thoughts on antibiotics? Do you avoid them for as long as possible, like I do? Or do you take them without any reserve?

My doctor was pretty unsure whether it was a viral or bacterial infection (p.s. – I’m also hunting for a new General Practitioner on the UES if you have any recommendations!), so he gave me the Z-pack prescription just in case my symptoms didn’t go away. I guess I’m just very wary of them.

So since yesterday was such a haze, I didn’t really take many photos. Instead, I’ll use the rest of this post to thank Chelsea for nominating me for the award below, share my requisite lies and one truth, and pass it along to some fellow bloggers:

Since I received this funny little award, I now have to use my creativity and come up with six outrageous lies about myself and one truth. So here we go, let’s see if you can guess the truth:

1. I love reading biographies and non-fiction books.

2. I’ve never had a cavity.

3. I have a strange obsession with feet – I love them.

4. My husband proposed to me on a mountain top.

5. I’ve been living in NYC for 5 years.

6. I can speak 3 languages.

7. I have 20-20 vision.

Can you guess which one is my truth?! P.S. – I am a terrible liar and this was soo hard for me. Now that I’ve listed my lies and one truth, I nominate the following ladies to do the same:

Once nominated, here is what you have to do:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.
5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

That’s all for today folks. Stay happy and healthy!

Wasted Weekend and Weather

Good morning all – back to the grind, right? Ugh – I am not feeling well at all, hence the serious lack of posting this weekend. The weekend started out okay – I headed to Brooklyn to visit my friend Katie for some dinner and drinks.

Although, I noticed even before I left work that I felt a little off. I chalked it up to allergies and headed out to BK. We had a very fun night in Williamsburg. We went to the Manhattan Inn for dinner, which is a very small restaurant that is just adorable. Great ambiance. They even have a piano player placed in the center of the room.

They don’t have a menu online, but our/my food went like this: cheese plate (we got the last one available), bread with apple butter, mushroom spring roll things and then as my main meal I had the Vegan Polenta – per the waitress’ recommendation. Everything was amazing. The lighting was really poor, so these are the only pics that are post-worthy.

The food was amazing and we also shared a bottle of wine. After dinner, we headed to a nearby bar called Harefield Road for Katie’s co-worker’s birthday party. We only stayed for one drink because we were both tired and somewhere along the night I lost my voice entirely.

We headed home to bed and I could feel the congestion mounting in my head and chest. I tried to play it off like it was just my allergies, but by Saturday morning I had a feeling it was turning into a real cold.

We awoke on Saturday and my congestion and phlegm (sorry) was in full force. I managed to make it to brunch with Katie before heading home to bed. We went back to Harefield Road because they supposedly have a great brunch for $12. It did not disappoint. We each ordered the french toast, made from Challah bread, along with fresh fruit. Our breakfasts also came with coffee and a mimosa.

Brunch really hit the spot. However, I was unable to drink my mimosa – I was starting to fade fast. I said goodbye to my friend after brunch and trudged home.

I entered our apartment to find my Hubby doing exactly what I wanted to do: laying on the couch and resting. I proceeded to change into sweats and curl up on the couch and cough and blow my nose all day.

We watched as our temperature gauge showed that it was 46 degrees outside, while we both huddled under our blankets indoors. As afternoon turned to evening, I started thinking about my 9-mile run planned for Sunday. I wondered if I could push through the congestion to get it done. I decided it would be game-day decision, based on how I felt.

Hubby and watched the Olympics on Saturday night and I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 9:30-10:00 p.m.

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of my own wheezing and phlegm rattling. I tried to speak and found I had no voice at all. Or if I managed to get a sound out it sounded like a small elf’s voice. Hubby thought this was hysterical.

So Sunday proceeded much in the same manner as Saturday. I decided that attempting my 9-mile run would be dangerous since I could hardly breathe. I was upset at first, but then decided that it’s probably lucky that this was a low-mileage long run week. If I had to be sick any week, this was probably the best one. I also know that pushing too hard when you’re sick can make you more sick. If my cold was just in my head area I probably would have gone, but it was in my chest as well and that’s what made me nervous.

So I watched in sadness as two 40+ temperature days passed me by without so much as a jog. Hubby and I alternated between watching the Olympics, sleeping, watching t.v. movies and watching Couple Retreat. We were a sad, sad pair.

Although, maybe it’s a good thing that we were both sick at the same time, rather than one person being sick first and then the other following a few days later. The bad side of this was that by Sunday night, it looked like a bomb had gone off in our apartment. It was a complete disaster, but I was too tired and sick to do anything about it. I was in bed again by 10:00 p.m.

Today I feel a little bit better – I still have stuff rattling around in my chest and congestion in my head, but all the sleep this weekend seems like it helped a bit. I am taking one more day off from running – I’m eager to get back into my training plan, but want to be sure I’m ready.

So how bout you all – did you enjoy the weekend?

And how do you cope with a cold? Do you tend to get sick if your significant other or roommate gets sick?

Have a great Monday everyone – hopefully it goes by quickly.

What’s Better Than Breakfast for Dinner?

Weekend Recaps – In Case You Missed It:

Friday: Great Start to 2010
Saturday: I Love My Garmin!!
Sunday: Slowly Recovering…

Happy Monday – I’m pretty sure it’s not too happy for anyone. Back to the grind. At least the next day off isn’t too far away. And I’m excited because I have a bunch of fun things happening in January: 5 mile race, broadway show, bachelorette party, half marathon and a wedding! This month is going to fly by.

Ok – let me recap Sunday’s eats before I get any further: I woke up feeling much better on Sunday morning – 10.5 hours of solid sleep really helped with that. I was feeling less congested and my throat wasn’t sore. I started off with a nice warm breakfast of oatmeal with apples and agave. I had a side of Emergen-C, my norm as of late.

Then the cleaning fury commenced. Hubby and I did a bit of cleaning throughout the weekend (packing up Christmas decorations and vacuuming), but Sunday was all out cleaning mayhem. We cleaned the place from top to bottom.

Around 1:00 I was feeling hungry so I had a light lunch of Chobani vanilla yogurt with a crushed granola bar and choco chips:

And I also had the rest of my breakfast apple with some cheddar cheese, and carrots and grape tomatoes with garlic organic hummus.

At 4:00 we hosted a board meeting in our newly-cleaned apartment – Hubby is the co-op president. It was a good meeting and we made plans to take care of a bunch of building “must-dos.” It was almost like our co-op resolutions. Hopefully we can stick to our plans.

After the meeting I had the urge to bake. I had some sort of bread stuck in my mind – thinking maybe banana bread or something with apple. But upon asking Hubby what he would like, he reminded me that he basically doesn’t like any fruit in his bread – not even raisins! After scouring http://www.cookinglight.com, I settled on this recipe for Coffee-Nut Scones.

Recent baking experiments have revealed that our oven is essentially a super oven and cooks everything twice as fast as a recipe states. So I ended up cooking the scones for only 10 minutes to be safe. They turned out pretty good (of course I had to try one when they were still warm)…but would have been better with some fruit!

For dinner we did the “breakfast for dinner” thing. I love doing this. I am such a breakfast lover that I could probably eat it for every meal. The Hubby whipped up the remaining venison sausage and I paired it with some organic waffles. I topped the waffles with a homemade blackberry spread. I used the remaining blackberries, added a bit of water and heated them in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds. Then I smushed them up and added 2 packets of truvia. It was the perfect topping. Lastly, I had one clementine with my breakfast dinner.

What about you? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner? What’s your favorite (eggs, pancakes, french toast, waffles, etc.)?

Finally, I had a nice cup of Sugar Plum Spice tea while I read before bed.

I am feeling much much better today. It’s funny, a blog friend said yesterday that she feels like I’m always sick. The truth is, I rarely actually get full-on sick. Even this weekend, I felt pretty awful, but I still didn’t feel like I was totally sick. I wasn’t bed-ridden and could still kind of function. A lot of time I think I start to get the beginnings of a cold and I just medicate the heck out of myself and that makes me very tired. I may have had a full-blown cold this past weekend, but what was very clear was that I needed a lot of rest. I also tend to take it easy even if I think a cold or illness might be coming on. That’s probably what I should have done on Friday, rather than going for a run. Live and learn.

What about you – how do you cope with an impending cold? Do you let it hit you and take its course or do you fight it with all you’ve got like I do, or somewhere in between?

Have a nice Monday everyone!

Slowly Recovering…

Good morning. I woke up today at about 9 a.m. after sleeping for about 10.5 hours. I was optimistic about my state of health yesterday morning, but it slowly declined. I was coughing, my chest was congested, I had a bad headache and then later in the day I became nauseous. It was a rough one.

And because I felt so awful yesterday, my eats were kind of bad. Here they are.

For breakfast I had Kashi Heart to Heart with almond milk and a side of Emergen-C.

I started to help with some of the household chore – we desperately needed to do two loads of laundry. I managed to get most of it done, but then felt really sick by the time the last load was ready, so Hubby had to go down to get it.

Here are my snacks for the day – they were all over the place.

This Larabar (coconut cream pie) is officially my favorite bar. It was so good. Unpictured snacks include triscuits and ginger ale, and some cashews.

I basically stuck to the couch most of the day and watched a lot of t.v. I hate that feeling soo much.

For dinner, Hubby made some delicious venison chili:

It was warm and a little spicy and very good. So here’s the deal with the venison eats this weekend – I haven’t mentioned this little fact on the blog yet. My Hubby is a hunter. As in, put on the camo gear, go sit in a tree stand for hours and hunt deer. Now, I know this may be something many of you are against (and you have every right to feel that way), and at first I kind of was too, but then I thought about a few things and changed my mind.

Why I Support Hubby’s Hunting

1. The deer he hunts are not brought up on factory farms, caged or raised simply for their meat. They live a full and happy life in the wilderness.

2. Deer are overpopulated in the area he hunts and end up coming into more residential areas and being hit by cars, so hunting them actually helps keep their numbers in check.

3. Hunters are only allowed a certain number of deer per year – so they can’t go out there and hunt as many deer as they want.

4. The meat he brings home has no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones added to it – it is organic and completely natural.

5. Venison is very high in protein and very low in fat, especially saturated fat. It is also chock-full of minerals.

So these are all the reasons why I support the Hubby in his “hobby.” If he didn’t use the meat and was simply hunting for the sake of saying he killed a deer, then I would have a huge problem. But he uses the meat all the time. A lot of nights when I am making something he doesn’t particularly care for or if I’m too tired to cook he makes venison.

I’ve only eaten the meat in a few forms: chili, stew and breakfast sausage. But I did buy him a “gourmet” venison cookbook for Christmas, so if he makes any of those dishes, I may try some of those as well. I’ve mentioned venison a few times in my blog, so I felt like I needed to provide an explanation. I go back and forth with not wanting to eat any meat, but if I’m going to eat meat, I’d rather it be venison.

Have you ever tried venison? Would you? Have you ever tried any other “different” kinds of meat?

Anyway – the venison chili he made last night was great. And then afterwards I had this for dessert.

A while after dinner (and dessert), the Hubby went into the kitchen to clean up a bit and came out to find me completely asleep on the couch. He basically told me it was time to go to bed – it was 10:30 p.m. I went into bed and was sound asleep within minutes. I hate being sick!!

This morning I feel much better. We still have a little cleaning to do and a board meeting at our apartment at 4:00 p.m., so time to get moving. I’m hoping now I am almost completely recovered or quickly on my way.

Have a great Sunday everyone – who else doesn’t feel like going back to work tomorrow?