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Book Club, Race for Hope and a Baby Shower

Busy – that is the word to best describe my past week. Coming back from a long weekend (Labor Day) is always tough because it means squeezing a ton of work into four days.

But as busy as things were, I had to take time out to go to book club on Thursday night. We meet monthly and are each responsible for selecting a book for our month. This past month, we read The Hunger Games and you can check out my review here. But the first book was soo good, that most of us read the second and third book as well. Every month, we also try to choose a restaurant that goes along with the theme of our book. This month we thought it would be kind of tough, but turns out that Korean BBQ was the perfect choice! We went to Yakiniku West in the East Village. And soon it was time to cook our meat and veggies, just like Katniss did in The Hunger Games – okay… well kind of.

It was a great choice. We split four entrees, a few appetizers and several pitchers of beer and it was still very affordable and delicious!

With Thursday over, it was time to head upstate again on Friday evening. We drove up to Albany and got there in time to watch my cousins play in the CBA vs. Albany football game. CBA crushed them. I headed home early and went to bed because I had a race the next morning!

On Saturday morning, I ran the Race for Hope in Slingerlands, NY with a few friends. I can’t say it was the most organized thing in the world. They had one person working the table where they were handing out the tags, so the race started about 15 minutes late. But regardless, we were off and running. The course was a little hilly and pretty suburban, but it flew by.

According to my Garmin, I finished the 5k in 23:52. Not my fastest, not my slowest. That’s fine, I’ll take it!

After the race, we “raced” home to shower and get ready for a friend’s baby shower. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I have no photos from the shower, but I’m hoping friends will send a few my way. We had a gorgeous day for the shower, which was outside, and it was a lot of fun. Lots of food, fun baby stuff, ginormous CUPCAKES, and a very pregnant friend who looked fabulous. Seriously, she is eight months pregnant and so very mobile and comfortable looking.

After the shower, I headed to Clifton Park to spend the evening at another friend’s new house. She moved in about a month ago and already it’s looking pretty good. Know what else looked good? The mounds of food we brought…

…and devoured. We had so many awesome snacks, that we didn’t even end up needing to make the actual dinner foods that were prepared. To be honest, sometimes I prefer that. I love appetizers and snacks.

The night was filled with lots of laughs, girl talk, wedding talk, baby talk, and almost anything you can think. We go off on some serious tangents when we get together.

On Sunday it was time to head back to NYC, but not before stopping at Lindsey’s Country Store for some freshly picked apples and apple cider. It’s such a cute little store and I love it because they spell my name right!

We bought some gala and honeycrisp apples. Is there anything better in the fall?

And lastly, I will leave you with what we came home to on Sunday night…

Such a teaser – as soon as you go over and try to smush his stomach he tries to attack you. He’s sneaky like that.

What are you most looking forward to as fall approaches? I am torn between fall clothes, delicious fall flavored coffees, foliage, our wedding anniversary and apples. If you couldn’t tell – fall is my favorite season!

5K Race, 12 Mile Run & A Baby Shower

Holy busy weekend. It went by so fast that it left me spinning. The next two weekends will be more of the same I think.

On Friday, I took the train home, hung out with my parents a bit and then went to bed early. Saturday morning was the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K run in Albany. A bunch of my girlfriends and some of their family ran or walked the race. We took the requisite group shot at the race.

I’m the one with my face hidden in the shadow! It was soo sunny outside that day. I was a little nervous about this race because I haven’t been running all that much. And I know how competitive I am. I want to PR in every race and sometimes that is just not possible.

We started the run going up a hill and already I knew that it was not going to be a fast run for me. My legs were very heavy. The first mile felt okay. The second mile felt like it took 10 years and then finally there was only 1/2 a mile to go. I finished with a time of 24:36 and was not entirely pleased with that. However, I have no one to blame but myself for not training more.

After the race, I headed back to my parents house to quick shower and get ready for my friend’s baby shower. It was held at the Century House in Latham, NY. She got a ton of stuff!!

Our group of friends gave her a Jeep running stroller and a maternity massage. That way she can get back out there running with us and bring the baby along! The food was really good, but unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo. But here is a group shot of our girlfriends.

Wow – I am soo short! The shortest in this photo with the gray and black dress on.

Saturday night I went out to dinner with a few friends to Mexican Connection in Saratoga. A friend of mine bartends there, so we hung out with her and ate some delicious food.

Then on Saturday morning, I met up with said bartending friend (Lauren) to go for a 12 mile run. Lauren has been training for the Baystate Marathon (Oct. 17) and so this was the start of her tapering. I was nervous going into this run that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her. And indeed, it was pretty tough.

Have you ever run with someone and you just know you are holding them back?

Well that was this run. I had to ask her to slow down a few times. And I could tell the difference in our breathing and exertion of energy. I was really struggling and Lauren was just out for a nice easy jog. It made me feel completely out of shape. And made me nervous for my half marathon in two weeks. Although I can always use the half marathon as a training run to help me get back into shape for marathon training coming up in December.  Anyway – here are our stats from the run:

Mile 1 – 8:19
Mile 2 – 8:42
Mile 3 – 8:40
Mile 4 – 8:39
Mile 5 – 9:04
Mile 6 – 8:52
Mile 7 – 9:12
Mile 8 – 8:45
Mile 9 – 8:56
Mile 10 – 8:59
Mile 11 – 9:10
Mile 12 – 8:51

Total mileage – 12.01 in 1:46:17. Average pace 8:51 minute mile.

I’m sure this is much slower than Lauren has been running. She is trying to qualify for Boston so we can run it together next April and I know she has been working really hard and working on her speed. But I’m telling myself that it’s her taper time and me slowing her down a bit won’t really make a difference at this point. We are running 8 miles together this coming Saturday, so I’m mentally preparing myself now.

After our Sunday run, I took the 2 p.m. train back to NYC and then did laundry and passed out fell asleep early.

And then all of  a sudden it’s Monday and I’m wondering where the heck my weekend went! I have a feeling that the month of October is going to leave me exhausted!!

How was your weekend?

P.S. – I can’t tell you how excited I’m getting for the NYC marathon runners (and for my friend running her marathon on the 17th)!!!