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Boston Is Less Than a Month Away!

I have NO CLUE how the Boston Marathon got so close so quickly, but it is a mere month away and I am in scramble mode. I’m scrambling to get all my training in, firm up my travel plans and make a dinner reservation. EEK – I can’t believe one month from today I’ll have run the Boston Marathon (knock on wood).

So I guess it’s best to provide a training update. I am rolling into week 15 of training and coming up on my second 20+ training run. I’ll briefly recap my first 20-miler that I ran with my friend two weekends ago. I traveled upstate for the weekend and mapped out what I thought would be a nice run. WRONG!! It was a disaster.

It started off okay – I ran from my house to my friend’s house and picked her up. We then headed up a gigantic hill and did pretty well. Things started to get hairy around my mile 14 or so when we moved off the main road and on to the local bike path. The problem was that the snow hadn’t been cleared yet! Without a back-up route in place, I suggested we push on. I thought the snow-covered path would probably last about a mile.

It lasted about 3-4 miles!! Although part of me felt pretty tough and Rocky-like, the other part of me just kept cursing my stupidity. We made it through eventually, but not without a twisted ankle, sore hips and a gash on my friend’s leg. It was a lesson learned.

This coming weekend, I will be heading upstate again for a 22 miler with Lauren and I will be sure to keep us off the bike path and on a clear road. This weekend was 14 miles, half of which was run with my co-worker. It really helped break up the length and make it tolerable. And then today I cheered on the NYC Half Marathon runners and hopped in with my friend Rachael for a mile in Central Park.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the past few weeks of my training and where I’m headed in the last few leading up to Boston…

As you can see, I haven’t been sticking entirely to my plan, but I still feel like my current 385 accrued mileage isn’t too bad. I think I will still be prepared.

How do you deal if you don’t hit your training targets – either in mileage or time?

Last training I would have really beat myself up. But this time around, I am feeling more flexible. Happy Sunday all – I wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday!!

March Already: Week 12 and 15 Mile Run

I really can’t believe it’s already March. I’m not exactly sure where February went, but all I recall is that it was cold, snowy, icy and not at all fun to run in. February was undoubtedly a tough running month.

Here’s to hoping that March is a better running month. With the Boston Marathon approaching quickly, it’s time for me to make sure that all my long runs happen as planned and put forth the best effort possible.

Week 12 hasn’t been all that great for me as far as week-day runs. I didn’t get out on all the days I wanted, but I definitely made up for part of that during my long run today.

15 Mile Run
Today was actually only supposed to be a 13 mile run according to my training plan. However, apparently I had some residual guilt from missing one of my long runs and decided to add a few extra miles to this run to make up for that.

I headed out to Central Park around 10 a.m. and was greeted by an absolutely lovely day outside! Before leaving, I fueled up with oatmeal, two large glasses of water and a cup of coffee.

I made my way to Central Park and encountered numerous runners heading the same way. During today’s long run my legs felt extremely heavy, but I managed to power through. Here are my stats:

Even though I didn’t feel that great while running, I am pretty happy with my stats overall. And it was so gorgeous outside that I think that played a part in me staying out a little longer. I decided I needed to take advantage of the nice day.

I headed home from Central Park and then refueled with Gatorade and Chobani yogurt with Kashi Go Lean. Now it’s time for laundry, cleaning and a bit of relaxation.

Lastly, I want to give credit to my friend Lauren who I convinced to sign up for the Boston Marathon this year through a charity program. She has been trying to raise money like crazy and she’s currently at 93%!!! She has been totally awesome in helping to keep me motivated and I’m so glad that she has nearly reached her goal!!

Wohoo!! Boston here we come. Oh and we are running our first 20 miler together next weekend. Can’t believe it’s already that time!

Now – I need some good recommendations for an Italian restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay area!! Time to book a pre-race pasta dinner. I have a feeling Boston will be crazy busy the night before the race. Any suggestions?!!

Epic 18 Miles

Hi blog world. I’ve been mia for a VERY long time. Things have been very busy. I was promoted at work and that means a lot more work with some additional pressure. So I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time on work stuff, including even on the weekends. 😦

Plus, I hit a bit of a running slump. The past two weeks were really tough. Hubby and I traveled to Utica last weekend and because of the freezing temps and a boatload of snow, I wasn’t able to get my 11 mile run in. I hate missing long runs – it makes me feel less ready and confident.

So I knew that I had to run my 18 miles this Saturday, come rain, snow, laziness or whatever.

Week 11 – 18 Mile Long Run
I headed out to Central Park around 10:15 a.m. after a lazy and procrastinating morning. I was nervous but didn’t want to admit it. Long runs usually go one way or the other for me, really great or really bad. So I set off and right away things felt good.

I was having some major issue with my sneakers a few weeks ago. For about three years now, I’ve been running in Asics Gel Cumulus 11. Well – they stopped making the 11 model and I had to move up to 12. They did not work with my feet. The ball of my left foot was constantly sore and my toes were blistering like crazy. After much research on underpronators (I roll to the outside edge of my foot), I ended up tossing the Asics and buying the Saucony Grid Ignition 2. At a mere $59, these sneaks were much less expensive than the $100 Asics and my first long run with them put them to the true test. The result – a win for me! They felt great and my feet were comfy cozy.

Anyway, back to my run. After being delighted by how my sneaks were performing, I found myself entering Central Park for two full loops. I decided to bring my iPod along this time, since a nearly 3-hour run can get very boring. After mile two I turned on some tunes and rocked out around the CP loop twice. My first loop was fast! Way too fast if I’m being honest. But running up the big hill at the north end felt easy, so I just went with it. The second time I went up that hill, things slowed down quite a bit and began to feel some tension in my quads.

As I made my way around my second loop and back to the UES, I knew that completing my 18 miles was no long a question – it was going to happen. I had it. I exited Central Park at 90th Street and headed to the East River Promenade to finish things up. For some reason, the last two miles of my run were rough slow-going. My legs felt so heavy, there was just no picking up any speed.

But at last, I made it back home and finished up my epic 18 mile run in just under 2 hours and 38 minutes!

Here’s my route and splits:

And now I’ve got my running mojo back and am more excited than ever for Boston! I needed that epic run to get my mind right. Next weekend is  a scale back to 13 miles, but then the weekend after will be my first 20 miler!

After my run I rolled my legs out like crazy, but am still feeling some residual soreness today. Hubby and I had a low-key night last night, which included a fabulous steak dinner with potato wedges and salad and a bottle of wine while we watched The Other Guys. Gotta say –  not so impressed with that movie. I kept waiting for it to get really funny and it just never did. Disappointing.

So how is everyone else out there doing with their running?! Are you guys as ready as I am for winter to be over?!!

Fabulous 14 Miles and Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Good evening all. Well wow – how is it already evening? It could perhaps have snuck up on me when I was lazy and lounging for much of the day after my run. However, it was a pretty awesome run, so I felt like I partially deserved the down time.

This morning was a nice 14-miler. I was nervous all week as the snowfall mounted and the storms just kept coming. Was I going to have to run my long run on the dreaded treadmill? No my friends, I did not. I was up at 8 a.m. and had a nice bowl of oatmeal before braving the slush. I worked my way to Central Park, only stomping in one large puddle along the way, and began my long run for the day.

I’m not sure about other runners, but I try not to have any expectations for my long runs. I don’t expect it to be a great run, a fast run or even an enjoyable one. I just get started and see where things go. And not every run is a great run – I’ve had my fair share of pretty bad ones. But today was a great one.

Two loops of Central Park for once did not feel like torture, this 14-mile run did not seem like it took forever, I only burped a few times, and my snots were quite manageable. Today was a good run. Here are my stats:

Mile 1 – 9:27
Mile 2 – 8:38
Mile 3 – 8:35
Mile 4 – 8:56
Mile 5 – 8:22
Mile 6 – 8:31
Mile 7 – 8:40
Mile 8 – 8:22
Mile 9 – 8:31
Mile 10 – 8:43
Mile 11 – 8:18
Mile 12 – 8:21
Mile 13 – 8:52
Mile 14 – 9:02
.21 – 1:52

Total mileage – 14.21 in 2:03: 18. Average pace – 8:35 minute miles

In all honestly, this run was the training highlight of my week. It’s easy to explain why – my other runs were all done inside on the treadmill this week because of the ridiculous snow. Here’s how it was broken down:

The blue row below is intended and the white row is actual mileage. YAY, I hit my intended weekly mileage (35 miles)!

Week 7 of Boston Marathon training was definitely a struggle. Running those 7 miles on the treadmill was pretty annoying. Here’s to hoping Week 8 is spent with me running more miles outside.

In other weekend news, Hubby and I have been pretty low-key. We watched The Town last night, which was okay. Not fabulous, but better than I expected. I’ve also decided that I think my hubby kind of looks like Ben Affleck when Ben’s hair is cut that short. Hubby categorically denies this, but I think he’s just being modest. 🙂

Now I might as well share my mini reviews of Black Swan and Easy A.

Black Swan: Loved it. Was terrified and loved every minute of it. This psychological thriller had me jumping, covering my eyes and trying to figure out what was real the entire time. But I loved it. And I totally have a girl-crush on Natalie Portman, I think she is amazing. I am trying to convince Hubby that he should see this movie before the Academy Awards and have offered to go with him.



Easy A: This one totally surprised me and I really liked it. Emma Stone is definitely choosing some pretty fun roles. Between this and Zombieland, she might be my new favorite young actress. She is sarcastic, witty, gorgeous and down-to-earth. I see her going far. As far as the story goes, it had some kind of ridiculous parts, but I still thought it was pretty funny.  I hope to see Emma Stone in more movies soon!


So that’s Saturday all. The rest of the evening will probably be low-key and involve some wine. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Have you seen any great movies lately? And you are on Oscar-addict like I am?