Boston Is Less Than a Month Away!

I have NO CLUE how the Boston Marathon got so close so quickly, but it is a mere month away and I am in scramble mode. I’m scrambling to get all my training in, firm up my travel plans and make a dinner reservation. EEK – I can’t believe one month from today I’ll have run the Boston Marathon (knock on wood).

So I guess it’s best to provide a training update. I am rolling into week 15 of training and coming up on my second 20+ training run. I’ll briefly recap my first 20-miler that I ran with my friend two weekends ago. I traveled upstate for the weekend and mapped out what I thought would be a nice run. WRONG!! It was a disaster.

It started off okay – I ran from my house to my friend’s house and picked her up. We then headed up a gigantic hill and did pretty well. Things started to get hairy around my mile 14 or so when we moved off the main road and on to the local bike path. The problem was that the snow hadn’t been cleared yet! Without a back-up route in place, I suggested we push on. I thought the snow-covered path would probably last about a mile.

It lasted about 3-4 miles!! Although part of me felt pretty tough and Rocky-like, the other part of me just kept cursing my stupidity. We made it through eventually, but not without a twisted ankle, sore hips and a gash on my friend’s leg. It was a lesson learned.

This coming weekend, I will be heading upstate again for a 22 miler with Lauren and I will be sure to keep us off the bike path and on a clear road. This weekend was 14 miles, half of which was run with my co-worker. It really helped break up the length and make it tolerable. And then today I cheered on the NYC Half Marathon runners and hopped in with my friend Rachael for a mile in Central Park.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the past few weeks of my training and where I’m headed in the last few leading up to Boston…

As you can see, I haven’t been sticking entirely to my plan, but I still feel like my current 385 accrued mileage isn’t too bad. I think I will still be prepared.

How do you deal if you don’t hit your training targets – either in mileage or time?

Last training I would have really beat myself up. But this time around, I am feeling more flexible. Happy Sunday all – I wish tomorrow wasn’t Monday!!


2 responses to “Boston Is Less Than a Month Away!

  1. I can’t believe it is almost time for Boston either! It feels like you just worked so hard on qualifying and now it’s almost here.

  2. Kristen O'Brien

    Hey! Congrats on your training:) I have just slowly begun to take up the option of training myself to run! Nothing like you of course, I am hoping to make a mile eventually. After exhausting all reasonable options for getting in shape and toning up, I have decided that morning attempts at running are my best bet…provided I am successful! So all of your rants inspire me greatly!

    I am about to find out how I run on my feet so I will know which is a good shoe choice. Thanks for your suggestion! In the event my feet do the same thing I will be investing as well:0

    Well good luck with your continued success and training. Look forward to seeing out it all turns out for you! You’ll do terrific!~

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