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More Change – A New Look!

Good morning all! So I think I’ve worked out all the kinks in this new layout. What do you think? I had the toughest time getting my header to work, but I finally figured it out. I’ve been wanting a little make-over for my blog for a while, but couldn’t find a theme I liked. I finally found one! I’m hoping it will make navigation a bit easier. I like the drop down menu at the top.

But seriously – do you like the change or no?

In case any other wordpress bloggers are wondering – this is the new Coraline theme, but I upgraded to be able to edit the CSS, which allowed me to customize it a bit more. I’m very happy with it and I hope you like it!

So as you can tell, I spent some time working on my blog yesterday, which meant that the gym went to second rank and I didn’t make it. However, I have only really promised myself that I’ll start training for the half marathon once I get back from Ireland.

Yesterday I began the process of eating up as much of our perishable food as possible, starting with breakfast.

Oatmeal with the rest of the blueberries we had, which were leaning toward going bad anyway. I dumped them all in and had a beautiful blue/purple breakfast!

Lunch was nothing exciting, so no pics.

Then for dinner, after I was able to fix all my blog issues. I whipped up an omelet for Hubby and for me.

I used up the leftover mushrooms and grape tomatoes, shredded cheese and spinach. YUM!!

I finished Once a Runner last night and will try to get my review up before we leave for Ireland. It was pretty good and I love that its popularity with runners is what essentially helped get it officially published. Runners are the best. 🙂

Not too much else going on. I’m trying to slowly gather the clothes I’m going to take with me on our trip. If I don’t do it early and wait until the last minute, I’m sure I’ll forget something. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to blog while I’m away. It would just be too hard to coordinate. Most of the places we are staying at are small B&Bs, so they may not have internet. I think I’m also going to hold off on guest bloggers for now since it’s kind of late to be asking people.

I’ll be back in New York on September 10th, but probably won’t have a chance to blog until the 12th – I hope you’ll all come back to my blog then!! 🙂

So that’s my plan – can you tell I’m getting excited?!! I’ll leave you all with some health headlines in the news:

Egg Recall Exposes Flaws in Nation’s Food Safety System: This was nice to see just after eating eggs last night. I cooked them thoroughly, so I think we’re safe.

The Claim: Dark Cats Cause More Allergies Than Light Ones: Mr. Murph is pretty dark  and my allergies were very severe when we first got him. But I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Antihistamine use linked to extra pounds: This goes along nicely with the article above. Haha! I love when research like this is released and then they say: “The researchers stress, however, that the findings do not prove that antihistamines are the cause of the extra pounds.”

Trying to Lose Weight? Drink More Water: This really isn’t news – is it? Maybe more like a reminder.

And lastly – this one truly grosses me out and makes me nervous: New York most bedbug infested U.S. city: survey – EWW!!

That’s all folks – have a good Thursday. The weekend is right around the corner!!