Ouch, I’m Sore

Happy Monday all. It is a happy one for me because I woke up this morning to see sunlight streaming through our windows! To me, that means Spring is right around the corner (knock on wood).

However, my happiness was flattened a bit when I climbed out of bed with some terrible aches and pains. Oh yes, my 14 miler yesterday really left its mark. Hubby was probably right when he said that I should have scaled back my long run after such a long break. I probably should have only attempted 10-12 miles, but I really like to stick to my training plan as much as possible. I’m a little stubborn. 🙂

Anyway – thanks for the words of encouragement following my fearful 14 miler yesterday. I’m very competitive and I don’t like failing – so the thought of not qualifying in May was really scaring me. I’m going to chalk my bad run up to my sickness and hope that the next few long runs are much better.

As far as yesterday’s eats go, my pre-run breakfast was an English muffin with peanut butter and banana – unphotographed.

After my run, I refueled with a Chobani yogurt and Kashi Go Lean.

I was so tired from my run that I took a little nap after my yogurt. When I got up, Hubby and I set to work cleaning the apartment. Mid-way through I needed a snack so I had a Kind Bar.

A little while later, I also had an apple with cheddar cheese (no picture).

Dinner last night was leftover venison chili. Chelsea asked me a while back where I am able to find venison. The answer is: my hunting hubby. 🙂 I wrote a post a while ago about hubby’s hunting and why I support it. I was a little bit wary of eating deer meat initially, but I’ve really grown to like it now.

Have you ever tried venison?

A little while after dinner I had some dessert:

I’ve been doing pretty well with not eating sweets, but the cravings are still there. Hubby has been making fun of the massive amounts of gum I have been chewing. 🙂 Hey – whatever works right?

I have got a busy week ahead of me. Tonight I’m meeting up with a few local bloggers for dinner, tomorrow night we’re getting our taxes done (our Friday night meeting was canceled because of the snow), and I’m taking another camera class on Wednesday night.

Have a great week everyone!! Think Spring thoughts and hopefully March will come in like a lamb and out like a lamb!


4 responses to “Ouch, I’m Sore

  1. I very much hope that March goes out like a lamb, at the very least! 😀 I need to incorporate grapefruit into my life- yours looks delicious!

    I tried venison on accident many years ago, thinking it was steak. Actually, I was tricked into eating it. It was good!

  2. I, too, have been stressing out about my upcoming race. Whenever I try to run my projected half-marathon pace (even for a few miles) it feels SO hard. I wonder how I’m going to run that fast for 13.1 miles! BUT there’s still some time to train and I’m hoping adrenaline will help on race day 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you tonight!

  3. As I’ve said before, my husband is a hunting guy too….our freezer has tons of deer sticks, sausage and meat. Unfortunately, I don’t cook a lot with it (unless it’s in chili or something), so we end up giving a lot of it away!

  4. OMG! Totally hated seltzer until last summer! Now I drink it everyday! I have also started eating Chobani yogurt and bear naked granola because of you too! I feel so much better! Maybe I’ll hit up the Boiler Maker with you and Beaver this year! 🙂

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